EC details digital targets up to 2030

first_img Kavit joined Mobile World Live in May 2015 as Content Editor. He started his journalism career at the Press Association before joining Euromoney’s graduate scheme in April 2010. Read More >> Read more AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 10 MAR 2021 Related Author Previous ArticleIntelligence Brief: Is direct-to-consumer satellite broadband now viable?Next ArticleApple preps Germany 5G unit as part of €1B investment Deutsche Telekom loses appeal of Slovak fine Tags EC details AI regulation plan Home EC details digital targets up to 2030 digital focusEuropean Commission Kavit Majithia The European Commission (EC) outlined a roadmap towards achieving a range of digital goals by 2030, placing a major focus on 5G rollouts and integration of technologies including cloud computing and AI in businesses.In a statement presenting its vision and targets for Europe’s digital transformation, the EC explained it aimed to ensure digital sovereignty and pursue policies to “empower people and businesses” through a programme named Digital Compass.The framework includes a target to ensure at least 80 per cent of all adults have basic digital skills, with 20 million ICT specialists employed in the European Union (EU) by 2030. The EC also aims to deliver secure and sustainable infrastructure, providing gigabit connectivity to all households and covering populated areas with 5G.It also aims to produce cutting-edge and sustainable semiconductors in Europe, targeting a share of 20 per cent of the world’s production and deployment of 10,000 climate neutral nodes. The body also wants to produce the region’s first quantum computer in five years.The EC wants 75 per cent of companies to use cloud computing services, big data and AI, and said all key public services should be available online.Other highlights from the plan include a goal to launch multi-country projects, including the possibility of a pan-European interconnected data process infrastructure; deployment of next-generation low power processors; and connected public administrations.The plan needs approval from all EU countries and the European Parliament before it can be put into action. Subscribe to our daily newsletter Back Industry CEOs join Europe green digital initiativelast_img read more

Equilibrium of Mother Nature

first_imgEcological balance & economic brilliance – usually don’t go together.  Mankind has exploited Mother Nature regularly – for so long – which can’t be reinstated by the same mankind.   Deep digging – for minerals, oil, gas, as well as for huge concrete forte – the destruction of trees/forests – some species going extinct or rare – they disturb the nature’s rhythm – indiscriminate industrialization/urbanization – blocking water source points free flows – pollution of many types – have a cumulative damaging effect on nature.  Only in recent times the precious irreplaceable value of Nature’s treasures – terrific costs of exploits – population multiplied in decades – living turning into cosy affair for the rich at the cost of denials/sufferings to the masses – inequalities/imbalances coming to the fore in many spheres – human disquiet unrest – mad-mad rat race for arms war-fare gadgets/planes nukes etc. have indeed disturbed the natural equilibrium of the atmosphere.Though we think & talk from individual body-cages, we are all tiny parts of the collective existence – cosmic force – subtle vibes.  We need to live aligned with Nature and express our gratitude.Little bit of our spilled food is a feast to scores of antsWe devour upon the rice, wheat grains in good tasteThey are mature seeds of the plants standing in royal gaitRipe fruits of mango, apple and jack fruitsAre love of our taste buds, build our healthy traitsTheir seeds coded in genes of full tree are thrown outBenevolent greens and trees exhale day’s oxygen circuitsFill the air in fragrance of lifeblood for our vital partsTo breathe easy and healthy, ready for more harvestsVapors from Oceans float in clouds sans their saltsAnd Bless us with rain showers in drops of nectarEvery human and all the species are never ever a wasteIndeed Saints & Sages pervade vibes of noble thoughtsTo quell the veils and evils in the surrounding airBest of Gratitude we can prove is to be a human tribeWith heart wide open to expand in Graceful Character.last_img read more

Children of a Lesser God Stars Lauren Ridloff and Joshua Jackson on Connection, Communication and Chemistry

first_imgThe spring theater season has officially begun, and a slew of highly anticipated musicals and plays, both brand-new and revisited, are set to bow.’s Spring Preview series captures the stars bringing these stories center stage in the new season. So, American Sign Language is a challenge for Josh; acting is a challenge for Lauren. Falling in love on stage? Not a problem. Explains Jackson, who has done his share (and then some!) of love scenes on screen, “The truth is, you do actually fall in love in the process of doing something like this, where you have to be so exposed and so trusting, and believe that your partner is going to be there. In this dynamic, it wasn’t hard.”“There are a lot of tough issues that are touched on in the play, and we both become raw on that journey,” Ridloff reflects. “Learning another language and another culture brings up all kinds of vulnerabilities, and that leads to exploration and chemistry.” The married mother of two pauses before getting in the last word. “And look, he’s so cute. I mean, it’s easy, right?” Lauren Ridloff Show Closed This production ended its run on May 27, 2018 Lauren Ridloff and Joshua Jackson (Photo by Caitlin McNaney) On set in the studio, the co-stars display a more playful vibe, teasing each other and interacting easily via sign language and through an interpreter. “He’s so much fun and has such a gentle heart,” Ridloff says of Jackson. “He learned to sign so easily, and he’s so sensitive and considerate, so willing to take risks and make mistakes.”Jackson—who does triple duty speaking his own lines, interpreting for his co-star in American Sign Language and narrating the entire play—relies on Ridloff to make his juggling act seem effortless. “Over the course of last summer, I was amazed at how patient [Lauren] was with me as I was learning and trying not to have a panic attack,” he recalls with a laugh. “The deeper we got into it, the stronger that bond became.” Lauren Ridloff and Joshua Jackson (Photo by Caitlin McNaney) “It’s a beautiful, timely story about all the ways we don’t listen to each other,” says Tony-winning director Kenny Leon, who guided Jackson and Ridloff in an acclaimed pre-Broadway run at the Berkshire Theater Group last summer. “But above all, the play is a love story, so it was important that the actors have chemistry. I wanted the audience to root for James and Sarah and to understand the attraction they feel even before they speak.”Luckily for Leon, Jackson and Ridloff exuded that indefinable “it” quality from the moment they read the script together for the first time. Ridloff, a former Miss Deaf America, had been teaching Leon sign language, and the savvy director realized at once that her “charisma, confidence, authenticity and presence” would be a perfect match for Jackson’s star power. “There’s a sensuality they have that’s pretty magnetic,” says Leon. Almost 40 years after its debut, Children of a Lesser God remains fresh and exciting because audiences care what happens to Sarah and James. “I don’t think love ever goes out of fashion,” says Jackson. “What the play is saying about how we talk past each other and try to reform each other in our own image is universal.” Agrees Ridloff, “What’s timeless is our need to connect, to feel intimate, to feel that we are understood and heard by another person.” Children of a Lesser God Related Showscenter_img “What’s timeless is our need to connect, to feel intimate, to feel that we are understood and heard by another person.” Joshua Jackson Photos: Caitlin McNaney | Makeup: Rachel Estabrook | Hair: Morgan Blaul | Stylist: Carlton Jones | Wardrobe: Agnes B”Children of a Lesser God” begins on March 22 and opens April 11 at Studio 54 View Comments One of the most unusual love stories ever told on stage is headed back to Broadway on March 22 when TV favorite Joshua Jackson (The Affair, Fringe, Dawson’s Creek) and newcomer Lauren Ridloff star in Mark Medoff’s Tony Award-winning drama Children of a Lesser God. Set in the 1970s at a school for the deaf, the play centers on the emotionally wrenching romance between James, a hearing speech teacher, and Sarah, a deaf school custodian who insists on using sign language rather than learning to lip-read or speak aloud. Star Files Lauren Ridloff and Joshua Jackson (Photo by Caitlin McNaney) The fact that Sarah and her mother (played by Kecia Lewis) are African-American is never mentioned in Leon’s revival, but the director believes it adds an extra level of meaning to a play about the struggle to communicate. “Not only do you see it through [the prism of] hearing and non-hearing,” Leon says, “you see it through race, through class, through so many layers that make the play accessible. I’m always trying to get people who are different to sit next to each other and realize how much they have in common.”Uplifting messages wouldn’t matter very much if Medoff hadn’t succeeded in writing two charismatic lead roles. John Rubinstein and the late Phyllis Frelich won Tonys in 1980 for creating John and Sarah; Marlee Matlin took home the 1987 Best Actress Oscar for the film adaptation opposite Best Actor nominee William Hurt, her partner at the time in a real-life tempestuous romance. Lauren Ridloff and Joshua Jackson (Photo by Caitlin McNaney) last_img read more

New York Times publishes end-of-life essay by Prairie Village physician

first_imgReaders of the nationally popular New York Times Sunday opinion pages yesterday were sure to encounter an essay by retired Prairie Village thoracic surgeon Jeffrey Piehler, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.In the article, Piehler discusses his decision to build his own coffin as his days on this earth draw to a close:The project has smoothed the rough edges of my thoughts. It’s pretty much impossible to feel anger at someone for driving too slowly in front of you in traffic when you’ve just come from sanding your own coffin. Coveting material objects, holding on to old grudges, failing to pause and see the grace in strangers — all equally foolish. While the coffin is indeed a reminder of what awaits us all, its true message is to live every moment to its greatest potential.If you missed it, check it out here. It’s definitely worth a read.last_img read more

Freight to be focus of Shift2Rail successor

first_imgEUROPE: Freight is likely to be a core focus of the successor to the Shift2Rail joint technology initiative, S2R Executive Director Carlo Borghini told Railway Gazette on October 30 on the sidelines of the World Congress on Railway Research in Tokyo.While the so-called Shift2Rail II programme cannot be formally established until the multiannual EU budget for the post-2021 period is finalised, Borghini felt that S2R’s ‘three years of progress’ was already starting to yield results, as reflected in the Catalogue of Innovative Solutions which S2R unveiled at WCRR. These in turn reflect progress in more than 100 individual projects across five workstreams as well as the overarching ‘cross cutting’ activity.Acknowledging that S2R had been ‘a very broad programme’, Borghini suggested that its successor would be more focused, with addressing innovation for freight operations a priority. ‘This is the moment for rail freight’, he said, noting that S2R’s existing work on areas such as digital train brake tests and autocouplers ‘fitted perfectly with political priorities of the incoming European Commission and its Green Deal’.To this end, S2R hopes to demonstrate autocoupler technology at next year’s InnoTrans trade show in Berlin as well as outlining how the technology could be rolled out across the European wagon fleet.Governance questionsBorghini accepted that there had been ‘lessons to learn’ from S2R to date, especially given the programme’s long gestation period from formal creation to the research projects getting underway. He also acknowledged criticism that S2R has been too reliant on the supply industry to come up with ideas to study, and that in future there would need to be a better balance ‘between founders, lead investors and participants’.‘We are trying to rebalance the organisation towards end users and operators, but this is not easy because many of these organisations by necessity find it hard to support long-term fundamental research’, he added.Another priority will be to ease access to the programme for SMEs and start-ups, while improving geographical representation, especially from central and eastern Europe. ‘The CEE region has specific needs for its railways and we need to be able to respond better to them’, he believed. This could include reforms to the way funding is provided amid criticism that the administrative burden of S2R to date has been too onerous.BrexitAlong with Trafikverket, Network Rail is one of two infrastructure managers to be founding members of S2R. NR and the other British participants will continue to be a member across the workstreams until the UK ceases to be an EU member state, with any future involvement to be determined at a political level.‘Until now by definition nothing has changed and cannot change about UK involvement in S2R’, Borghini explained. ‘But no organisation likes uncertainty and that is the problem really. We have workstream members asking if they can still have UK organisations in their consortia.’ He felt there was a need at least to guarantee UK involvement until the end of S2R, irrespective of the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.System of systemsLooking to the long term, Borghini believed that S2R would work to ensure that innovations are future-proofed by developing a functional architecture. ‘We need a “system of systems” approach to ensure that as more results emerge from our programme in the future, we know that they will be compatible with existing products and operations.’‘There is no escaping the complexity of the railway but we can manage that complexity better’, he added.,WebsitesWe are not responsible for the content of external sitesShift2Rail Catalogue of Solutionslast_img read more

“Peninsula,” Jadi Sekuel Kedua Train to Busan, Tayang Musim Panas 2020

first_imgTrain to Busan2: Peninsula (mothership.SG) Masih ingat film Train to Busan yang pernah tayang tahun 2016 lalu? Ternyata film ini akan punya sekuel baru yakni Train to Busan 2: Peninsula. Judul Peninsula ini memiliki arti Bando dalam bahasa Korea. Rencananya film baru ini akan tayang pada musim panas 2020 atau diklaim untuk rilis jadwal internasionalnya pada 12 Agustus 2020 mendatang.Baca juga: Saat Kereta Ikut Kondang Sebagai Latar Film Box Office“Sutradara Yeon Sang Ho dari Peninsula memastikan film tayang perdana Agustus 2020. Dengan tanggal pastinya yaitu 12 Agustus 2020,” kata sumber yang dilansir dari Soompi. Namun dari keterangan tertulis, distributor NEW menyatakan mereka belum bisa memastikan tanggal pasti rilis di dalam maupun luar korea.“Meski benar bahwa kami menargetkan untuk rilis musim panas 2020, kami belum membuat keputusan apapun terkait tanggal spesifik penayangan premier di dalam dan di luar Korea,” kata mereka dalam keterangan tertulis.Peninsula sendiri merupakan sekuel dari Train to Busan yang dibintangi oleh Gong Yoo. Latar waktu film ini masih sama karena, karakter dalam film bertaruh untuk meninggalkan Korea, setelah dunia mereka di dominasi oleh Zombie. Film ini dibintangi oleh Kang Dong Won, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Re, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Min Jae dan Goo Kyo Hwan.Diketahui film Train to Busan memecahkan rekor penonton hingga sepuluh juta orang di Korea Selatan. Sedangkan di Malaysia, Hong Kong dan Singapura meraup hampir $100 juta dalam tiket penjualan global dengan anggaran kurang dari $9 juta.Train to Busan yang rilis 2016 lalu memiliki sinopsis di mana film ini awalnya ketika sebuah truk pembawa barang diizinkan melewati sebuah daerah yang mengalami kebocoran. Ketika itu, pengendara truk tidak melihat seekor rusa melintas di tengah jalan sehingga rusa yang mati itu berubah menjadi rusa zombie.Seok-Woo, seorang manajer keuangan sebuah perusahaan, berangkat ke Busan bersama anaknya, Su-an, untuk bertemu dengan ibunya sebagai hadiah ulang tahun anak perempuannya. Seok-Woo, yang baru bercerai dengan istrinya, berangkat dengan KTX (kereta api cepat Korea) dari Seoul bersama para penumpang lain.Ketika kereta akan berangkat, seorang wanita dengan luka di kakinya masuk ke dalam kereta tersebut. Wanita tersebut mencoba menyerang pramugari kereta yang ingin mencoba menolongnya. Sejak itu, wanita zombie itu telah menginfeksi sejumlah besar penumpang kereta.Masinis kereta mengumumkan bahwa kereta akan berhenti di Daejeon, tempat para tentara telah siaga untuk menolong mereka. Namun, ketika sampai di sana, keadaan stasiun sepi dan tidak ada orang sama sekali. Ketika menyadari bahwa seluruh tentara telah menjadi zombie, mereka masuk kembali ke kereta api tersebut dan menuju Busan, tempat yang kebocoran virus itu dibersihkan.Baca juga: Liam Neeson Suguhkan Aksi Thriller Terbarunya di Kereta AmtrakDalam perjalanan tersebut, mereka diserang oleh sejumlah mayat hidup dan Seok-woo sempat digigit oleh Yong-suk, yang akhirnya berubah menjadi zombie. Seok-woo mengajari Sung Kyung dan Su-an bagaimana menghentikan kereta api sebelum ia meninggalkan mereka dan terjun dari atas kereta api yang berjalan.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedHiburan di Musim Covid-19, Train To Busan “Peninsula” Raup $147 Ribu Pada Penayangan di Singapura17/07/2020In “Destinasi”Jelang Olimpiade Musim Panas, WiFi Gratis Siap Hadir di Kereta Peluru Shinkansen27/02/2019In “Darat”14 Februari, PT KAI Mulai Jual Tiket Angkutan Lebaran 202012/02/2020In “Basis Aplikasi”last_img read more

Tigers clash only available on Robins TV

first_imgIt is a chance for supporters for watch on the first time since Dean Holden took over as the club’s interim head coach on Saturday evening, and the match is only available to watch on Robins TV – with coverage starting from 5pm – as it will not be shown on Sky Sports’ Red Button facility.Season Card holders who are yet to redeem their unique voucher sent to them via email still can, giving them access to each of City’s five scheduled remaining league games.All non-Season Card holders are able to purchase a £10 matchday pass, which is only valid for Wednesday night’s fixture. Non-Season Card holders should note that only those City matches not selected for broadcast by Sky Sports are available.Fans who subscribe can enjoy all the benefits of the Robins TV Live matchday production, which includes a pre-match show with Taylor Moore, half-time analysis, post-match reaction and the game itself inclusive of commentary and replays.Head to the Robins TV website, login with your Bristol Sport Club Account, head to the packages page and select your matchday pass.If you’re already logged in, simply head directly to the packages page here.Tune in at 5pm tomorrow for exclusive City matchday coverage.LOGIN TO ROBINS TV NOWlast_img read more

Wednesday prep hoops: Kent City boys beat Cedar Springs 65-48, improve to 6-0

first_img Other Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball … Mail Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. × × Add Comments (Max 320 characters) $15.29$17.99 Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Report a problem This item is… Share Not relevant × Not relevant Ads by Amazon Add Comments (Max 320 characters) × Bestseller Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Not relevant Report a problem This item is… Add Comments (Max 320 characters) DEAL OF THE DAY Inappropriate / Offensive × Displayed poorly Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Report a problem This item is… Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Shop Now Report a problem This item is… Other Displayed poorly Bestseller Other Inappropriate / Offensive Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Not relevant × Displayed poorly Other Inappropriate / Offensive DEAL OF THE DAY $59.99 Inappropriate / Offensive (22) (1461) DEAL OF THE DAY Not relevant Other $0.00 (33138) ENDS IN ENDS IN Other DEAL OF THE DAY Dude Perfect Signature Bow Nerf Sports Bi… ENDS IN Inappropriate / Offensive Report a problem This item is…center_img DEAL OF THE DAY (8187) $14.99 ENDS IN (124) ENDS IN (35539) Shares Add Comments (Max 320 characters) ENDS IN ENDS IN Inappropriate / Offensive Report a problem This item is… Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Special… A Warrior’s Heart Bestseller Displayed poorly Not relevant Bestseller (1009) Inappropriate / Offensive Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Displayed poorly ENDS IN Not relevant × Displayed poorly NBC Sports (1862) Add Comments (Max 320 characters) × Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Report a problem This item is… Bestseller Inappropriate / Offensive Fox Sports Go Bestseller Bestseller FOX Sports: Stream live NFL, College Footbal… $0.00 The League Bestseller DEAL OF THE DAY DEAL OF THE DAY $26.86$49.99 Displayed poorly LocalSportsJournal.comFraser Wilson scored 25 points to lead the Kent City boys basketball team to a 65-48 victory over Cedar Springs on Wednesday.The Eagles remained undefeated on the season with a 6-0 record.Kent City led 39-23 at halftime and 49-41 after three quarter, before sealing the win with a 16-7 edge in the fourth quarter. The Eagles helped their own cause by sinking 19 of 21 free throws.Eli Carlson added 15 points for Kent City.GIRLSPENTWATER 35, WALKERVILLE 33 – The Falcons escaped with a tight 35-33 victory in a West Michigan D League contest on Wednesday. The score was tied 20-20 at halftime, and Walkerville led by three after three quarters. But the Falcons squeaked out the win by holding the Wildcats to two points in the fourth quarter. Taylor Wilkinson led Pentwater with 13 points and 10 rebounds while Madi Wagner added 10 points. The Falcons are now 5-4 overall and 2-1 in league play.KENT CITY 38, CEDAR SPRINGS 28 – The Eagles slowly built their slim lead throughout the game, leading 9-4 after one quarter,, 17-13 at halftime and 27-19 after three quarters. Kenzie Bowers and Zara Weber led Kent City with 16 and 15 points, respectively. The Eagles are now 6-2 on the season. Not relevant $0.00 Displayed poorly Report a problem This item is… Add Comments (Max 320 characters) DEAL OF THE DAY Other Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Share Other $3.99 Ads by Amazonlast_img read more