Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources: January 22, 2016

first_imgHow to use the Button Element to improve Accessibility: I love how Rachel describes when to use a button and when to use a link: buttons are for actions, links are for destinations.Google Accessibility: Want to learn about the accessibility of Google Docs? Or what screen readers work with Gmail? Check out the Google Accessibility page. Testing: Screen reader testing isn’t a form of browser testing, says Jeremy Keith. Think of it as usability testing. If you want to ensure your site works with screen readers, ask someone who uses a screen reader daily (and someone not involved in the design) to test it. WordPressWordPress Testimonials: Share Your Story: Share what you love about WordPress in a blog post, share the link on Twitter with the #ilovewp hashtag, and your tweet may be featured on the WordPress testimonials page! Jetpack 3.9 Introduces New Sitemaps Module: This week’s release of Jetpack 3.9 includes the new Sitemaps module, which automatically creates a generic sitemap as well as a news sitemap (for sites that meet Google’s guidelines for news sites). In addition, Jetpack 3.9 includes a new Skype sharing button and a Social Menu feature. Usability testing is proof that humans do not possess mental telepathy.— Dana Chisnell (@danachis) January 21, 2016 Confession: The slow progress of #SVG animation capabilities in #CSS really makes me miss SMIL sometimes & wish it weren’t being deprecated.— Sara Soueidan (@SaraSoueidan) January 20, 2016 How to Create and Customize a WordPress Child Theme: Nick Schäferhoff explains the advantages of child themes, when to use them, how to set up a child theme with clear explanations of terms used in the style sheet header, what to include in functions.php, working with template files, and more. Our Next WordPress Game Changer is Coming: Announced this week by iThemes, Stash Live is a new real-time backup feature that makes automated daily backups in iThemes BackupBuddy plugin. CSS and HTMLHTML Tidy: It’s back! I remember using HTML Tidy years ago to clean up my HTML markup errors, long before the outbreak of all the various frameworks. One of my favorites tools!The woes of date input: Reading Ian Devlin’s post opened my eyes to all the different attributes the HTML5 date input type has. Which is impressive, until Devlin points out the lack of browser support for attributes and issues with datepickers for desktop browsers.CSS Specificity is Base-Infinite: Do you get confused with CSS specificity? A better way to understand (and write) CSS is to separate it with commas; a number in the higher column will outrank any number below it. Make Design Decisions with a Purpose: Use user experience research to make design decisions with a purpose and stay focused on the end user.Using Automated Testing Tools to Empower Your User Research: Sponsored by UserZoom and UXPA, the Jan 25, 2016 webinar will provide tips for when to use moderated vs. unmoderated testing as well as best practices for recruitment, screening, and online panels.AccessibilityAccessibility is a Process, Not a Project: I think one of the hardest things for web professionals to understand is that accessibility is part of the process.Keeping accessibility within the testing phase traps it as a project problem. Showing the alternative text while images are loading: Did you know Firefox is the only browser that displays alternative text while images are loading? What I Found InterestingDon’t Tell Me What My Browser Can’t Do:If you’re creating sites or apps that tell users they can’t access content because their browser doesn’t support a certain technology, you’re doing things wrong, says Christian Heilmann. Any message telling the user that they have to turn on JavaScript to use a certain product is a proof that you care more about your developer convenience than your users. Google’s new algorithm will make Chrome run much faster: Coming soon to a Chrome browser near you, the new Brotli compression algorithm claims to compress data up to 26 percent faster than the current compression engine. Personally, I can’t wait to see how must faster Chrome will run. 4 Free Tools for Taking Screenshots: I wanted a screen capture tool that was free, browser-based, worked across multiple operating systems, and had annotation options. Here’s what I found. In this week’s roundup, you’ll find a list of user experience resources for beginners, learn why accessibility is a process, discover what new features are included in the latest Jetpack 3.9 release, and more. If you’re new to my blog, each Friday I publish a post with some of my favorite resources I’ve read in the past week about user experience, accessibility, WordPress, CSS, and HTML.Hope you find the resources helpful in your projects!Want more resources like these on a daily basis? Follow me @redcrew on Twitter.Tweet of the WeekConstantly reminding myself that design is a means of solving a problem not the solution itself. #ux— matthew (@ux_etiquette) January 22, 2016User ExperienceBy turning medical scans into adventures, GE eases children’s fears: Imagine you’re a child being fed into a large machine, and being told you can’t move for 10 minutes or longer. I’m not sure an adult can do that. What a terrifying experience! GE Healthcare designers recognized the issue, and came up with the idea of the Adventure Series to keep children engaged and entertained. UX Resources for Beginners: Thanks to Jessica Ivins for compiling this list of articles, podcasts, videos, books, and online courses for beginners new to UX design. If you like what you read today, share this post with your colleagues and friends.Want to make sure you don’t miss out on updates? Subscribe to get notified when new posts are published. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedWeekly Roundup of Web Design and Development News: June 16, 2017In this week’s web design and development resources roundup, you’ll learn what Alan Cooper has to say about conversational interfaces, find out how to navigate a website with a keyboard, discover how to use fr in CSS Grid, and more. 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Was Fatal Police Shooting Justified? [Viral Video]

first_imgHere is an update to a story we brought to you in yesterday’s LPM Insider:  The split-second decision by Orlando, Florida, police officers to open fire at the speeding driver of a late-model van in the parking lot of Colonial Plaza Monday afternoon was justified, former Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said. Orlando Police Chief John Mina said the officers were in the area of Colonial Plaza Shopping Center on Monday when a loss prevention associate at Marshall’s, who notified them of a crime in progress, flagged them down. Mina said the suspects were trying to get away when the officers fired at the vehicle. The driver was struck by police gunfire and continued to drive away, leaving the shopping center, and was found dead near Langford Park soon after the shooting. “People need to realize a 6,000-pound vehicle is a weapon,” Beary said. “You had two officers who were in immediate danger.” Beary, a News 6 criminal consultant, reviewed the cellphone video captured of the shooting at the Orlando shopping center. Video obtained from a News 6 viewer, shows two Orlando police officers flanked on the driver and passenger side of a gray van. In the video, when the suspect, 32-year-old Juan Alberto Silva, who is seated behind the wheel, hits the gas pedal and speeds off, both officers opened fire. Silva was the getaway driver teamed with two women — Jocelyn Villot, 32, and Brittany Chandler, 26– who were spotted stealing baby clothes from Marshall’s store in Colonial Plaza, according to police.While replaying the video, Beary spotted a third officer, who he said could have possibly been a female supervisor, running away from the path of the speeding van. “I think this plays in favor of the officer on the passenger side,” Beary said. “Because he is protecting the third officer as well.” A spokesperson for the Orlando Police Department could not confirm whether a third officer was in front of the van. The officer on the driver’s side appeared to be negotiating with the suspect behind the wheel, which Beary says shows he was trying to deescalate the situation. In the span of one second, the video shows the driver hit the gas pedal and the officer open fire. The Orlando police officer on the passenger side fired additional shots as the van raced through the parking lot not far from the Florida Mall. Both officers, identified as Master Police Officer Anthony Wongshue and Officer Juan Abreu, are on paid leave. Wonghsue has been with the department since 2002 and is currently assigned to the North Patrol Division.  Abreu has been with the department since 2017 and is currently assigned to the Field Training Unit.  [Source: ClickOrlando] Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Analytics: Businesses Struggle to Harness Value from Data Analytics

first_imgMany organizations are trying to apply analytics technologies to their businesses but failing, according to a report by McKinsey.The McKinsey report found that “organizations that are able to harness new models and tools effectively will be able to create significant value and differentiate themselves, while others will find themselves increasingly at a disadvantage.”Michael Chui, a McKinsey Global Institute partner, said that “in many areas, a few leading companies are racing ahead. But many organizations haven’t yet been able to scale up small-scale experiments to meaningfully improve the performance of the entire enterprise.”Nicolaus Henke, global leader of McKinsey Analytics, said that “we think data and analytics represent the single biggest opportunity available to management teams to create value, improve performance, and change the nature of competition. The biggest barriers companies face in extracting value from data is adapting core processes and building new capabilities at scale. Embracing analytics is not about adopting a new tactic. It’s about changing your business model and the fundamental way you make decisions.”last_img read more

Visually Fly With Flygirrl: Get To Know Artist Doreen Garner

first_img Proudest accomplishment: One of the proudest accomplishments that I’ve experienced is a recent one which was receiving a full scholarship into RISD’s MFA Program. I’ll be starting this fall at RISD continuing my studies in glass. Another great accomplishment that I have to mention is working with Rashaad Newsome on his solo exhibition “Herald” at Marlborough Gallery Chelsea in New York. It was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Rashaad is also one of my great mentors and supporters. He has shown me the ins and outs, ups and downs of the professional art world. He constantly encourages me to continue my growth as an artist. Last three songs played on your iTunes/iPod: The last three songs I played were Missy Elliot 702 “Beep me 911”, Lil Kim “Money Talks”, and D’angelo “Brown Sugar”. I was in a 90s type of mood, and I’m usually always in a 90s type of mood. But, I also like to listen to a lot of trippy instrumental type music like Flying Lotus, Madlib, Thundercat, things like that. Last completed piece of art: The Seventh Eye, Acrylic on canvas, 16×20, 2012 Favorite Philly DJ: Ah, I’ll have to say Diplo. When I’m creating new work, I like to listen to a lot of party music. My creative process is a fun experience, and he helps keep it that way. So aside from the stylistics of DJing, his individual music projects and collaborations help to make him favorite. Where can we find you and your work: You can find me in Philly or in New York depending on the week. You can find my work online at doreengarner.com, or in person at the next AD Valorem Coalition Exhibition. More details about the next show can be found at facebook.com/advaloremcoalition. Insider Tip: Check out the flier to Doreen + Ad Valorem’s Event this Saturday Night at The Window Factory! DJ Phsh is spinning. Doreen Garner has become one of my new favorite Philly artists to keep tabs on. From painting, to stained glass, to installations, she has a variety of creative outlets that draw us all in one piece at a time. Check out the Q&A that I did with her below and get to know Doreen a little better. Insider Tip: She has an exhibit coming up this weekend. Make sure to check out the flier and support local artists! Doreen Garner artwork: Facial Structurecenter_img Currently working on: I am currently working on a series of 2-day paintings, as well as a new video project. The 2-day paintings deal with distortion, fragmentation and reconstruction of the human figure. The video project that I am working on stems from a previous photo piece. I was concerned with how the black female body is fetish-ized and over-sexualized in today’s society. The video is composed of intimate movements and gestures that will be chopped and screwed. I am also working with rapper/producer Mike “Scanz” Danzis to compose audio to form fit specific visual components of the piece. Favorite Philly visual artist: My favorite Philly visual artist is the amazing Judith Schaechter. She is an extraordinarily talented artist that works with stained glass as well as animation. When I first saw her work in a modern craft history class at Tyler School of Art, I was floored. Her use of color and light is outstanding, not to mention her artistic voice is one of a kind. Judith has been a mentor as well as a great friend and my life wouldn’t be the same without her guidance and support. Favorite kind of paint to create with: Favorite kind of paint – I don’t really have a favorite kind for canvas and things. I use a little bit of everything. When I’m working with glass, my favorite paint is Reusche Tracing Black. If you weren’t an artist, what other career would you like to pursue: If I did not work as a fine artist, I think I would have a career in culinary arts. When I was younger, I used to bake a lot of desserts and help my Grandmother make food. I told people that I would be a baker when I grew up. Where are you originally from: I am originally from Philly. I grew up at 17th and Erie Ave in North Philly. I also spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house in Germantown. Favorite website to visit: If I had to name a favorite website, it would have to be Youtube. It’s become a crazy visual source of info and shenanigans and it’s kinda great. Favorite part of town: I don’t really think I have a favorite part of town. I might say Old City because it’s in good walking distance of a lot of cool things. Favorite art gallery: That’s another tough one. I don’t really have a favorite gallery, but if I could have my own exhibition in any of the spaces in Philadelphia it would either be at TRUST gallery or at Dalet gallery. Favorite art supply store: Back in the day I used to be a Pearl kind of girl. Since they’re gone, Dick Blick is my new spot. Last exhibit you went to: The last exhibit/exhibition I went to was Ad Valorem Coalition’s at the MBN building in Northern Liberties. Ad Valorem Coalition is an artist collective that I co-founded at the beginning of this year. It is composed of 18 other artist’s from/residing in Philadelphia. We felt like there was a lack of camaraderie and support within the artist community. Ad Valorem Coalition is a collective of artists that encourage productive studio practice, collaboration and fellowship.last_img read more

After scoring drop, Andre Paras admits he’s still ‘out of shape’

first_imgBeautyMNL open its first mall pop-up packed with freebies, discounts, and other exclusives LATEST STORIES Fortunately, the 22-year-old slotman can quickly make the turnaround as AMA takes on contender Zark’s Burger-Lyceum on Thursday.“I know I have to be in shape always, and I’m working hard in our trainings. I make sure that I catch up to our team after work,” he said as he seeks to atone for this lackluster showing.“For sure, I’ll be looking to bounce back. Hopefully, I can make an impact offensively.”ADVERTISEMENT Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim ‘We cannot afford to fail’ as SEA Games host – Duterte The second-generation star attributed the dip in his performance to splitting his time between training and taping afternoon fantasy series Sirkus, but Paras made it clear that he’s more than capable to juggle multiple responsibilities.“I guess I’ve just been working a lot,” he said. ““I committed myself here, so no excuses,” he said.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingParas, though, still couldn’t hide his frustrations after being a non-factor offensively for the Titans, leaving most of the scoring responsibilities to newcomers Michael Cañete and Kris Porter.“It hurts to say that we’ll make up for it next game because we could’ve contributed today. I was able to get rebounds, but that’s not enough. So I need to up my game offensively,” he said. Jordan delivers on promise: 2 Cobra choppers now in PH ‘A complete lie:’ Drilon refutes ‘blabbermouth’ Salo’s claims PBA IMAGESAndre Paras was the first to admit that he wasn’t at his peak form in AMA Online Education’s conference-opener in the 2018 PBA D-League Aspirants’ Cup.“I’m kind of out of shape,” he said after posting nothing but 11 rebounds in 22 minutes on the floor in the Titans’ 93-75 defeat to Wangs Basketball-Letran on Tuesday.ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. MOST READ PH military to look into China’s possible security threat to power grid SEA Games: PH still winless in netball after loss to Thais Gordon: Albayalde may still face charges even after retirement PLAY LIST 00:54Gordon: Albayalde may still face charges even after retirement00:50Trending Articles02:02Chief Justice Peralta vows to lead by example, bares 10-point program02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Injured Nadal set to return in three weeks View commentslast_img read more

Only These 9 Teams Appeared On Everyone’s Preseason Top 25 Ballot

first_imgAlabama, Clemson and Oklahoma's logos presented in the AP poll.AP.The preseason AP top 25 is out.The AP‘s preseason top 25 poll was released earlier this morning on ESPN’s SportsCenter. You can see the full poll here.The poll includes ballots from 61 college football writers across the country.According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, only nine teams – Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Florida State, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, Notre Dame – were featured on all 61 preseason ballots.Only 9 schools listed by all 61 AP voters on preseason ballots: Alabama, Clemson, OU, FSU, LSU, Ohio St, Michigan, Tennessee, Notre Dame— Brett McMurphy (@McMurphyESPN) August 21, 2016That’s low.There does appear to be a decent amount of parity heading into the year, though. At least, there’s parity in the minds of the voters.Seven different teams received at least one vote at No. 1.Alabama – 33 votesClemson – 16 votesFlorida State – 5 votesOklahoma – 4 votesLSU – 1 voteOhio State – 1 voteMichigan – voteWho do you have ending the year at No. 1?last_img read more

About 56000 fish now upstream of landslide in BCs Fraser River

first_imgLILLOOET, B.C. — About 56,000 fish have made it upstream of a disastrous landslide in British Columbia’s Fraser River as crews work to clear the debris and find other ways to transport salmon to their spawning grounds.The slide near Big Bar in B.C.’s Interior was found in late June and federal, provincial and First Nations officials have been working to reduce the harm to the area’s significant salmon run at a shared cost of $6 million so far.Michael Crowe of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans says 12,000 salmon have swum through channels created by the crews, while 44,000 have been transported by helicopter.Crowe, who is the environmental unit leader for the response team, says the majority of the salmon moved by air are sockeye, while the remainder are chinook and only a handful are pink and coho.He says water turbidity and fish movement make it difficult to estimate how many salmon are trapped beneath the slide, but government officials have previously said millions typically arrive this time of year.Crowe adds the work to clear rock is dynamic and crews are also installing a fish ladder.They are looking at possibly moving salmon by truck after improving what was a “very rough road” in the remote area northwest of Kamloops.“Nothing is off the table unless it’s determined as not being feasible. We are looking at any and all options,” he told a media conference call Wednesday.Crews are radio-tagging fish regularly and so far 276 sockeye, 162 chinook and five pink salmon have been tagged. While 17 radio-tagged chinook have made it through the slide on their own, no tagged sockeye have passed through, Crowe says.He says creating channels is challenging because moving one rock could trigger others to tumble and settle in an unexpected place.The narrowness of the river, the intensity of the water flowing over the slide and weather conditions have all affected operations, says Kevin Skrepnek, the lead for a joint information centre in Lillooet.Nearly 180 personnel are working “tirelessly,” assisted by four helicopters, numerous boats, dozens of ground vehicles and heavy equipment, he says.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Transient man faces charges of rape kidnapping more

first_imgUPDATE: The prosecution determined there was insufficient evidence to proceed to trial; therefore, the charges against Mr. Angell were dismissed without prejudice Oct. 5, 2017. It’s possible they could be re-filed at a later date.__________________________________________________________________________________A transient appeared in court Friday to face charges from an incident last year in which he allegedly abducted a woman in Portland, brought her to Vancouver and repeatedly raped her.Kelly Brian Angell, 57, faces charges of first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping with sexual motivation stemming from an incident police began investigating in February 2016. Angell, who was located by police on Thursday, was additionally arrested on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine and being a fugitive from justice.On Feb. 13, 2016, a woman reported to Portland police that she was fleeing from several subjects she believed were robbing her when she was picked up by a man in a van whose name was “Kelly,” according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Clark County Superior Court.The man, whom police later identified as Angell, drove the woman into Washington and offered her a drink, the affidavit states.After taking a drink, the woman blacked out and woke up to Angell choking her and sexually assaulting her, according to the court document.last_img read more

ACLU Says State Enforcement On Political Signage Is Unconstitutional

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The ACLU of Alaska, and an independent expenditure group Dunleavy for Alaska have filed a joint suit against the State of Alaska’s enforcement against political signs near roadways. According to multiple media reports quoting DOT officials, this was part of a planned “sweep” of signs near roadways. The lawsuit states that photo evidence clearly shows this sweep specifically targeted political signs while leaving adjacent non-political signs untouched. Representatives with DOT have not commented on the pending lawsuit. In a release from the ACLU, on July 10, the Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT) sent a notice to Dunleavy for Alaska threatening financial and criminal sanctions for posting political signs within the view of certain roadways. The lawsuit follows a state Department of Transportation decision to enforce or remove hundreds of campaign signs prior to this week’s primary that were deemed in violation of the state law. The law calls for a $50 fine for each violation. The suit seeks to immediatly block enforcement of a state statute barring political signs near roadways and asking for those rules to be ‘struck down’ as unconstitutional. Alaska Statute 19.25.105 prohibits “outdoor advertising” on or within 660 feet of state rights-of-way for interstate, primary, and secondary highways within Alaska. last_img read more