People / iContainers appoints Carlos del Corral head of sales and operations

first_imgBy Alex Lennane 11/10/2017 iContainers, an online freight forwarder, has appointed Carlos del Corral as director of sales and operations at its Barcelona office.Mr del Corral was at UTi Worldwide for a decade, most recently as quality and process manager, before becoming director of operations for Soilenetworks.iContainers is going through a period of expansion and has opened offices in Rotterdam and Santo Domingo in the past year, in addition to its existing offices in Barcelona and Miami. It currently claims to serve more than 7,000 shippers and other companies.“Besides being an experienced professional and having great personal values, Carlos possesses a deep knowledge of the industry’s processes. He has also worked with implementing improvements within large corporate structures with a global dimension and has experience managing teams with different cultures and ways of working,” said Iván Tintoré, president of iContainers.“At iContainers, we have a very different working style from the conventional sector. We’re constantly striving to transform and improve processes with a focus on producing results. Our strong technological support allows us to simplify processes and inject efficiency into everything we do.”last_img read more

Vapefest: Where e-cigarette camaraderie is in the air — along with haze

first_imgThe scent on the breeze is — what? Guava, with a hint of lion’s mane? Or maybe a cocktail of vanilla and cherry menthol and jungle juice. Past the hotel lobby, the haze thickens. Smells sharpen, then muddle, then sharpen again. It’s smoky, except it’s not, because it is vapor that’s being expelled in great white plumes in the ballroom, which is clogged with vapers, because this is Vapefest. An announcement is being made.“Meet Beefcake the Mighty,” says a young vaper in a teal polo shirt into a microphone, referencing the large man dressed as some kind of mythic warlord from hell. “He will autograph your juice for you.”Where to begin. Most of the mods look like sheathed light sabers. They’re not the dainty penlike items you’d buy at a gas station. These are hand-held lithium-powered objects of sorcery that mimic the Pavlovian choreography of smoking: the hand-to-mouth movement, the “throat hit” and the, uh, suckle.Under a tent near speakers that are playing AC/DC, Matt Wellman is vaping a Gandalf pipe made of spalted tamarind. It’s handsome, shankless and claw-like. He fashioned it at Steam Cigs, his shop, vapers lounge and manufacturing base in Lawrenceville, Ga.“It’s a battery holder,” he says of the pipe. “It’s just a very pretty battery holder.”A former home remodeler, Wellman made his first e-pipe in December 2010 using his grandfather’s pipe-smoker tools. His company, ePipeMods, has made 10,000 since, employs a dozen people and is estimated to do $1 million in business this year.Vapers line up to admire the craftsmanship. They buy discounted vials and fly through plastic mouthpieces while trying flavors. They fondle a range of mods and accessories such as colored screw-on bands that say “Vapestrong.” They gab and exhale majestic billows of vapor at round tables piled high with merchandise, cans of Miller Lite and glass pints of Blue Moon from the bar in the lobby.This bit of revelry and commerce is part of building the e-cigarette industry from the ground up, drag by drag, small business by small business. Vapers are fighting legislative battles as states try to figure out how to restrict, tax or otherwise regulate vaping, which is often coupled by lawmakers with regular tobacco cigarettes. Vapers credit vaping for getting them off traditional cigarettes, often overnight and cold turkey, but vendors are cautioned from touting the health benefits, which are in dispute.“You’re not saving anyone’s life,” says Cynthia Cabrera of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association during a “legal and political education” breakout session for festgoers. “You’re selling a lifestyle product.”The lifestyle, though, exists because of its divorce from traditional cigarettes, which are proven killers. The secretary of the National Vapers Club, who goes by the name Malicedoll, is standing on the periphery of Vapefest as dinnertime approaches. She’s wearing a bodice and a cascading hairfall made of black and white yarn. Malicedoll is a licensed embalmer from Phoenix, and she also has fangs (via minor cosmetic dental surgery).She’s vaping lemonade ice from a mod with a case featuring cast members of the CW show “Supernatural.” Beefcake the Mighty has taken his place on the opposite end of the ballroom and is signing mods and posters.What does she see when she looks around Vapefest, besides the haze, of course, and a delightfully odd and diverse occasion?“People who want to live,” Malicedoll says, shrugging. “People who don’t want to die.” With the haze, yes, and the smell. But then?Start simple. Vapefest is a convention and fundraiser for users and vendors of electronic cigarettes. Users of electronic cigarettes are called vapers. Vapers vape vapor. Beefcake the Mighty is a member of the thrash metal band Gwar, whose albums include “This Toilet Earth.” You may remember the song called “The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7.”OK.center_img So Beefcake the Mighty is a vaper, and he is what passes for a celebrity at Vapefest, which is pretty darn fun, as far as hotel conventions around Dulles International Airport in Virginia go. (You’d probably rather meet Beefcake the Mighty than other e-cigarette pitchmen, such as Jenny McCarthy and Stephen Dorff, right?) Even after working the room for five hours and inhaling clouds of secondhand atomized propylene glycol, there are still interesting people to talk to — and not a hint of dry eye or scratchy throat, or that icky feeling you might get from sucking tarry poison into your infuriated bronchi.“They found this, and they were able to get off cigarettes, and they’ve become very passionate about it,” says Cheryl Richter, the financial secretary of the National Vapers Club and owner of an e-cigarette shop in Port Chester, N.Y. “Now vapers like to hang out with other vapers, and we don’t like to hang out with smokers at all, because we hate that smell now.”The smell here at the Dulles Hyatt on Friday afternoon, where roughly 1,000 people were expected to gather over two days, is sweet and pungent.Now the look here is another story. The vapers at Vapefest look as if they’re taking a smoke break — sorry, vape break — from a sci-fi convention or a Harley-Davidson ride. Some of them are clearly sporting scabs from skateboard accidents. Some of them are clearly wearing one of their half-dozen Men’s Wearhouse suits. Some of them look like they belong at a Leesburg PTA meeting, or in Middle Earth, or the 1910s. One vendor here sells both “shire malt” and “Grandpa’s cough medicine” e-liquids (or “juice”), the vials of flavored nicotine that are electronically vaporized when you suck on the mouthpiece of an e-cigarette, or “mod,” as the vapers refer to the device.last_img read more

Scottish National Marine Plan draft ‘unfit for purpose’

first_imgScotland’s National Marine Plan draft is deemed unfit for purpose, according to the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee (RACCE).The draft has been under development by the Scottish Government over a five year period. The Committee is concerned, that the current draft is in parts too detailed, and in other parts too vague, and that it therefore requires amendments to make it fully fit for purpose.Rob Gibson, MSP, Convener of the Committee, said: “The Committee is deeply disappointed that a Government plan five years in the making is simply not yet fit for purpose. The right Government plan has the potential to clearly outline rights and responsibilities, while protecting Scotland’s sustainable future. We are calling on the Scottish Government to create a final National Marine Plan that is clear, concise and can be evenly applied across the country.”RACCE’s report on National Marine Plan draft states that the map of options for offshore wind and marine renewables does not show the current consented areas.The Committee believes that it is important the map clearly showed plans for the future and areas that have already received consents, and was pleased that Scottish Government officials confirmed that the map in the draft NMP could be updated and that the information could also be included in the National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi).The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee (RACCE) scrutinises policy proposals relating to rural affairs, climate change and the environment, and applies authoritive, expert, effective and influential scrutiny to policy.Image: EMEClast_img read more

Koga takes advantage of Fudo’s struggles to win Tour Championship

first_img GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 Koga teed off trailing Fudo by five strokes but the 25-year-old fired a flawless 67 and claimed her second title of the season after playing partner Fudo struggled to a 2-over 74 at Miyazaki Country Club.Buoyed by a sizzling 66 on Saturday, Koga started to close the gap with three birdies in a row from the second hole while six-time money title winner Fudo faltered with bogeys either side of a birdie on the fourth.“Because my playing partner was Fudo-san the five-stroke deficit at the start felt more like 10 strokes,” said Koga, who claimed her seventh career title with a 13-under 275 total.“But I was able to improve my score in the first half of my round and that’s when I thought maybe I would be able to go all the way.”Momoko Ueda, who became the youngest money title winner on the JLPGA tour after winning her fifth title of the year at last week’s Daio Paper Elleair Ladies Open, carded a 72 and finished fifth on 285. center_img MIYAZAKI – Miho Koga took advantage of a late collapse by overnight leader Yuri Fudo to register a two-shot victory at the season-ending Japan LPGA Tour Championship on Sunday.Stephen Ames, right, battles Fred Couples with a hockey stick on the ninth hole during the Skins Game on Saturday in Indian Wells, Calif. Couples enters the final day of the event in the lead. AP PHOTOlast_img read more

How Twitter Led to a YouTube Series Getting Captioned and Translated into 16+ Languages

first_imgIt all started when I read the tweet from Troy Hunt (known for the Have I Been Pwned website) announcing his new video series on setting up HTTPS.Just flagged all the videos on as Creative Commons – enjoy!— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) June 28, 2018In four short videos (around five minutes each), Hunt explains how you can add an SSL certificate to your website for free, using Cloudflare. Here’s the first video in the series:What Happened NextI watched all four of the HTTPS is Easy videos. They’re straightforward and Hunt’s explanations with screenshots makes it easy to understand what steps you need to take to add HTTPS to your site using Cloudflare.Kudos to Hunt on publishing the videos, especially since he made them Creative Commons licensed.I replied back to him on Twitter, thanking him for the helpful short videos. Excellent! Thank you for these videos, Troy. I noticed captions haven’t been added to the videos, and autocaptions, are, um, not the best. If you turn on community contributions, I’d be happy to add captions to the videos. Here’s how— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) June 30, 2018Hunt was open to the idea of getting the videos captioned.He quickly enabled the option for community contributions for all the videos.Let’s Add Captions!I began work on creating the English captions for the first video. Overall, not a difficult task since it was a short video. In addition, Hunt spoke clearly and slowly, making my job easier. I submitted my captions for approval (all video owners authorize adding community contributed captions and translations).YouTube message confirming community caption contributionAfter he approved and published the captions for the first video, I started work on adding English captions to the second video in the four-part series.Big shout-out to @redcrew who has gone and made a community contribution of captions to the first video in the HTTPS Is Easy series. I’ve just published her contribution, I hope it makes HTTPS more accessible than ever!— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) July 4, 2018And that’s when the idea of community contributions for captions and translations took off. The Community Gets InvolvedPeople throughout the Twitter community jumped in to offer their help to translate the captions to other languages.I just submitted a Swedish translation for review of the first video. Will continue working on the others asap.— Ludwig Johnson (@ludwig_johnson) July 9, 2018Started working on the Dutch translations last week, had to take the weekend off but I’ll finish them (first video) today.— Tom Udding (@tomudding) July 9, 2018Do you have a Spanish Translation? I can translate to Spanish if you want.— Daniel Beato López (@dbeato) July 10, 2018I’ve just submitted Indonesian for review. I use @AmaraSubs to meet subtitle standardization, words count per line for easy reading— Dwi (@_dwirianto) July 9, 2018Adding french captions ATM 🙂— Calan (@Calan94) July 10, 2018Ludwig Johnson, who added the Swedish captions for the first and second videos I captioned in English, noticed that the third and fourth videos didn’t have English captions yet. So he added them. Finished part 2 for Swedish as well. However, as I was going for part 3, there was no English CC. So I decided to make one. And one for part 4 as well. I hope it will help to make this great series of videos available in even more languages!— Ludwig Johnson (@ludwig_johnson) July 9, 2018It was so cool to read on Twitter how Hunt appreciated everyone’s help!And how he encouraged others to contribute.So impressed with the efforts of the community, we now have closed captions on my “HTTPS Is Easy” series in English, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, Czech, Polish and Indonesian. Sensational effort!— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) July 10, 2018You might be wondering why HTTPS on your website is important. Read on. Why You Should Care about HTTPSA secure connection using HTTPS helps protect website visitors from content spoofing and content injection. In others words, using HTTPS on your website is making the web safer for everyone.With Chrome 68 planned for release this month (July 2018), all websites that don’t use an HTTPS connection will display a warning in the browser that the connection is not secure. Website owners who haven’t already taken the steps to add and configure an SSL certificate for their site are now faced with making their site secure.And they need to do it quickly, before their site displays with the “not safe“ message in the browser address bar. Thanks for the HelpHunt’s videos on getting HTTPS set up on a website are timely and exactly what many website owners need. What fun to kick off getting captions and translations rolling on such a useful video series! Oooh, so glad to see all the other languages. And I see someone has already added captions for part 3 and 4. Glad to have been a part of this and to get it started!— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) July 12, 2018Hunt sent me a thank you for my help in getting it all started. Yep, you rock, thanks for kicking it off!— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) July 12, 2018My pleasure! I was happy to help others learn how they can make community contributions to YouTube videos.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedSeptember 28, 2018 Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development NewsIn this week’s web design and development news roundup, you’ll learn about the user experience of personal banking websites, find a link contrast checker tool, discover reusable transferable templates in Gutenberg, and more. If you’re new to my blog, each Friday I publish a post highlighting my favorite user experience,…In “Web design & development links”10 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Websites and Social MediaWhen I chatted about accessibility with other attendees at WordCamp Denver 2018 this weekend, I shared some of my tips and blog posts on how they could improve accessibility on their websites. After one conversation, they thanked me for the recommendations, and asked if I had a summary post that…In “Accessibility”How You Can Allow Other People to Add Captions to Your YouTube VideosIn July 2018, I wrote about how my one tweet led to Troy Hunt’s YouTube HTTPS series getting translated into 16+ languages. I kicked off getting the series captioned by asking Hunt to enable YouTube community contributions. Once he turned contributions on, I added English captions to the first two…In “Accessibility”last_img read more

Online Friends on an Offline Adventure: RoadTwip

first_imgForget all the On the Road, this-land-is-your-land hype. Here’s what the RoadTwip boils down to: The gas money was less than the cost of a plane ticket to get to the BIGOmaha conference. Pure and simple stinginess.I had been pitched on this interdisciplinary tech/creative conference in the middle of nowhere and decided to go out of perverse curiosity – because really, who in their right mind would have a conference in Nebraska? I had to find out. My good friend and co-founder Kurt Daradics’ curiosity got the best of him, as well; and when I told him I planned to drive, he booked a plane not to Omaha, but to D.C., so we could make the journey together. That was the start of the “road trip gone Twitter.”We laid out a plan to visit ten cities for ten social media meetups and tweet, blog, live stream, video blog, and photograph almost every waking moment of the trip. With advice from Duke Stump (of North Star Manifesto renown), we carefully crafted our goals and intentions, you know, to give it a slightly less reckless air. We involved a WordPress developer and tech scene photographer, Jonathan Dingman, in our escapade. About two weeks after it occurred to us to go to Omaha in the first place, we had a website up and running, we had sponsors contributing funds and product, and we had already set off on a 3,000-mile journey across the Midwest.Video features @JolieODell and @Dingman, camera work by @KurtyD.I’m writing this now from the backseat of a moving car. We’re rolling over the irrigated fields of Iowa about 30 minutes away from BIGOmaha and Gary Vaynerchuk’s opening night party; we’re getting calls from our metropolitan social media friends already there and excitedly sharing stories we’ve gathered so far. We tell them about the young St. Louis farmer whose local produce co-op was at capacity with a full waiting list, the tech scenesters still on fire from their town’s first BarCamp or Startup Weekend, the fresh perspectives on the purposes and future of tech, the deliberate and intentional movements to live and buy locally, the strong online connections within physical communities (it’s not just the geeks on Twitter out here; it’s the waitresses, the baristas, the small business owners, and just about everybody else), and the focus on sustainability in the most pristine corners of our country.We’ve seen communities full of optimism and energy and shockingly hip millennial folks, and we’ve been shown amazing hospitality by complete strangers. I credit this partly to traditional Midwestern kindness and partly to the radically cool nature of the Internet. You see, another big premise of the RoadTwip is that the online and offline each have the most powerful effects when combined. Relationships are strengthened; the social web grows thicker; value is [email protected] and @Giramonda at Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue in Kansas City.One of my favorite stories so far is about Kansas City, which wasn’t even a planned stop on the RoadTwip. A few KC locals got wind of the ‘Twip and reached out to me on Brightkite; their enthusiasm was so infectious that I ended up begging KurtyD and Dingman to allow for a drive-by meetup for the city’s famous barbecue and a look at what residents were telling me was a tradition of microentrpreneurism. We had an amazing time there, ended up staying a couple hours longer than we should have, and are consequently late for Gary V’s shindig. But we learned so much from the new friends we made that not one of us regrets a second of it. This, to me, is a perfect illustration of the value of social media. Next time anyone asks me why I waste my time on the Internet, this story is going to make an appearance.The three of us have mapped out an arc through a lot of open space dotted with relatively small towns in order to hear new stories, challenge our perspectives, stop spinning on the NYC/SF/LA axis of the tech world, get outside the echo chamber, test the IRL capabilities of social media, and get a glimpse of something new and [email protected] explains the madness and method behind his blog, many young people will never have the extraordinary privilege of visiting the American Midwest.Perhaps this is due to misconceptions about its nature, population, and culture. Perhaps it’s because opportunities are perceived to be greater in more urban areas. Perhaps it’s a simple lack of curiosity. Watching the youngest of my cohorts as he drives our packed-to-the-gills car through Missouri rain, exclaiming at the way the cars ahead fade into the bend of the road, I can’t help but pity those who will never see this place or meet the many wonderful people who live here and love it.To read about the rest of the journey, bookmark the RoadTwip blog or follow us on Twitter. The RoadTwip gang is @JolieODell, @KurtyD, and @[email protected] putting the finishing touches on a RoadTwip video. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Digital Lifestyle#Lifestreaming#web center_img jolie odell Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts last_img read more

4 Arrested in Retail Theft Operation

first_imgTwo women and two men from the Los Angeles area were arrested on suspicion of involvement in an organized theft ring that targeted more than 70 stores, authorities said.Simi Valley police said they launched an investigation in late August after a theft ring victimized the CVS store in the 3900 block of Cochran Street, taking more than $1,000 worth of makeup, hair products and over-the-counter medications.Over the next 60 days, detectives identified the main suspect as Derrick Taylor, 28, of Los Angeles, police said. Police said they discovered Taylor and his crew stole merchandise from about 58 retail locations, mostly drugstores. On Tuesday, Taylor and his partners… VC Star- Sponsor – Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Jay-Z’s Made In America Music Festival – September 1-2, 2012

first_imgJay-Z(Michael Falco for The New York Times) Made in America: 32 acts. 3 stages. 1 weekend.  So, we’re hype and counting down to Jay-Z’s Made in America music festival happening September 1-2. Jay-Z is officially taking over the Benjamin Franklin Parkway with performers hand-picked by him – including Drake, Run DMC and Philly’s own Jill Scott, to name a few. Check out the full talent lineup below.  Why Philly? Jay-Z says, “Everyone knows I have a long love affair with Philly. You know, early in my career, this is one of the first towns that really embraced me and supported me. I signed an incredible number of artists out of this area. And also now, I’m going to do some film work with Will Smith and James Lassiter over at Overbrook, so I have all these deep connections here. And above and beyond that, it’s called Made in America. It’s such an iconic city.” Made In America Lineup Saturday, September 1 Jay-Z Maybach Music (featuring Rick Ross, Wale, & Meek Mill)  D’Angelo Janelle Monae  Prince Royce  Calvin Harris  Skrillex Miike Snow Passion Pit Gary Clark Jr Nicky Romero Dirty Projectors Otto Knows Michael Woods Savoy Sunday, September 2 Pearl Jam Drake Jill Scott Run DMC Santigold Afrojack  Chris Cornell The Hives Rita Ora Odd Future  X The Knocks Alesso DJ Shadow Burns Ticket and Event Info Budweiser Made in America Saturday, September 1, and Sunday, September 2 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia, PA Insider Tip: Get your tickets here. Two-day passes and single-day are on sale now. Can’t make it to the show? See what this party in Philly is all about via live-streaming. Details will be announced at a later date.last_img read more

Gionee F205, S11 Lite quick review: Can they take on the Redmi 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro

first_imgGionee this week said that it aims to start the financial year strong and to that effect the company announced two new smartphones for the Indian market – the Gionee S11 Lite and F205. The phones aren’t exactly new per se since they were previously launched in China back in November. So it has taken a little over 5 months for them to make it to the Indian market. The phones have been priced in the budget to mid-range segments and will look to take existing players like the Redmi 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro and even the recently launched Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 to name a few.The Gionee S11 Lite and F205 highlight FullView 18:9 displays and tout impressive selfie cameras among other things. The former has been priced at Rs 13,999 while the latter comes with a Rs 8,999 price tag. I got to play around with both the devices briefly during the event and here are my initial impressions.Talking about the design first, the Gionee F205 comes with a plastic rear body that curves around the edges making it easy enough to hold. The S11 Lite has a more premium look although it also sports a plastic rear panel. However, the rear panel on the mid-ranger has a reflective glassy look to it and it does look a little more appealing than the F205, at least from a distance. The moment you touch the S11 Lite you will notice smudges and that does ten to ruin the look after a while. Both the phones are incredibly light to hold and that’s again largely due to its plastic shell.advertisement One of the highlights of the phones are that they both sport FullView 18:9 displays. The S11 Lite features a 5.70-inch HD+ display, while the F205 comes with a 5.45-inch HD+ display. It doesn’t really bother me that the F205 sports a 720p display, but seeing the same display on the pricier S11 Lite is quite disappointing, considering its competitors like the Redmi Note 5 Pro and Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 both come with FHD+ displays. In my brief time with the devices, I found that the F205’s display was quite dull and the colours looks washed out. The S11 Lite does a little better with colour reproduction, but it is again white dull. Additionally, brightness levels were seemed low especially when using the phone under bright sunlight.I will need to use the phones for a while longer to know how the displays handle videos and gaming. Now the next big thing that the phones highlight is the selfie camera. The Gionee S11 Lite bears a 16-megapixel front sensor while the F205 comes with an 8-megapixel selfie snapper. I briefly used the front cameras indoors and found that the S11 Lite manages to get a good amount of detail and colours, but the F205 has some trouble with letting in light and photos looked a grainy. The S11 Lite also sports dual rear cameras which include a 13-megapixel primary sensor and a 2-megapixel secondary sensor, while the F205 gets a 5-megapixel rear camera. You should also know that the cameras on both the phones come with features like Bokeh Selfie, Group Selfie, Face Beauty and Backlight among other things. I wasn’t able to test the cameras at length and you will have to wait for our in-depth review for more on that. Both the phones run Amigo 5.0 based on Android 7.1 Nougat, which is a little disappointing to see as one does expect phones to run Oreo out-of-the-box by now. The Amigo skin does come with a few pre-loaded apps like UC Browser, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and you get a feeling that it is quite cluttered and may to appeal to Android purists. However, Amigo does offer some neat little features like App Clone, Private Space and if that wasn’t enough the company also announced something called Fake Private Space.The skinned software is supported by a 1.4GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8937 chipset on the S11 Lite and a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor on the F205. Briefly using the devices, I found that browsing through the UI and opening and closing apps were a little laggy on the F205. The S11 Lite, on the other hand, handled things a more smoothly, but in my brief time with the device I wasn’t able to intensively test the performance.Overall, both the phones feel a little too late to the game. They will face a very stiff competition from phones from Xiaomi and I’m not quite sure if the the S11 Lite and F205 are ready for that. The Redmi 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro offer a little more bang for the buck thanks to their more premium-looking metal design and impressive specs. Gionee’s phones look decent and their 18:9 displays are perhaps their biggest draw, we will need to take an in-depth look to see if they perform well or enough to take on the competition.advertisementALSO READ: Gionee F205, S11 Lite launched in India: Full specs, top features, price and everything you need to knowlast_img read more

a month agoLiverpool defender Gomez: I can’t blame Southgate

first_imgLiverpool defender Gomez: I can’t blame Southgateby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool defender Joe Gomez accepts he needs to be playing to earn his England spot.Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate rates Gomez highly but the Liverpool centre-half has found himself behind Everton ‘s Michael Keane in the England pecking order, with Harry Maguire and John Stones the current first choices.The Kop defender said: “I cannot blame him (Southgate). He speaks to me and is a great manager but if you meet up with England you are expected to be playing so I have to keep working hard.“I have not been playing and every footballer wants to be playing.”At the same time I understand that we are European champions and the lads are doing very well at the minute so all I can do is keep my head down, keep working hard in training, and wait for my chance.”You cannot sit there and be down. You have to stay positive and do yourself justice when the time comes.“You need to show the good attitude otherwise you will do yourself harm.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more