Equilibrium of Mother Nature

first_imgEcological balance & economic brilliance – usually don’t go together.  Mankind has exploited Mother Nature regularly – for so long – which can’t be reinstated by the same mankind.   Deep digging – for minerals, oil, gas, as well as for huge concrete forte – the destruction of trees/forests – some species going extinct or rare – they disturb the nature’s rhythm – indiscriminate industrialization/urbanization – blocking water source points free flows – pollution of many types – have a cumulative damaging effect on nature.  Only in recent times the precious irreplaceable value of Nature’s treasures – terrific costs of exploits – population multiplied in decades – living turning into cosy affair for the rich at the cost of denials/sufferings to the masses – inequalities/imbalances coming to the fore in many spheres – human disquiet unrest – mad-mad rat race for arms war-fare gadgets/planes nukes etc. have indeed disturbed the natural equilibrium of the atmosphere.Though we think & talk from individual body-cages, we are all tiny parts of the collective existence – cosmic force – subtle vibes.  We need to live aligned with Nature and express our gratitude.Little bit of our spilled food is a feast to scores of antsWe devour upon the rice, wheat grains in good tasteThey are mature seeds of the plants standing in royal gaitRipe fruits of mango, apple and jack fruitsAre love of our taste buds, build our healthy traitsTheir seeds coded in genes of full tree are thrown outBenevolent greens and trees exhale day’s oxygen circuitsFill the air in fragrance of lifeblood for our vital partsTo breathe easy and healthy, ready for more harvestsVapors from Oceans float in clouds sans their saltsAnd Bless us with rain showers in drops of nectarEvery human and all the species are never ever a wasteIndeed Saints & Sages pervade vibes of noble thoughtsTo quell the veils and evils in the surrounding airBest of Gratitude we can prove is to be a human tribeWith heart wide open to expand in Graceful Character.last_img read more