Look around… what do you see

first_imgDon’t you see people are getting addicted to the internet & thus wasting their precious time without realising that soon life is gonna get way more expensive than they can afford?Tech is to make things easier & faster, then how can one expect it to create limitless jobs. What jobs will tech create that it can’t do it by itself more efficiently?And on that, this population crunch. Experienced businessmen and successful people understand and analyze these things.Remember where you used to live in your childhood, how calm and less crowded that was… serene.How is that place today?Where you are now, how will that place be in the next 20 years?Where do you see yourself in the next five years?If the above sinks in, then I guess you might be able to imagine what future is gonna be for most people. Wasting time will get regrets in return, it’s just a matter of time.You do what many people are doing.So, what makes you special?You work for companies, if they fail, you fail. And most companies are about to fall, we can have a discussion about it if you want. How many competitors does your company have? Let’s say you end up with winners, but for how much time they will need you?It’s not about how much money you make that makes you successful, but what you do with the money you make!It’s time to get to work.Thank You!last_img read more