Killer Mike Addresses Ongoing Ferguson Conflict on Fox News

first_imgCheck out the entire interview below: Atlanta-based hip-hop artist and occasional actor Killer Mike, made an appearance on the Fox Business Network program The Independents (which is hosted by former MTV VJ Kennedy). The rapper made very well-executed points, spoke eloquently, and also brought some ideas to the table that are left out in the cold when looking at the heated debate about race relations and the use of force by local police forces in the United States, as well as the war on our Constitutional Rights.The son and brother-in-law of Atlanta police officers, Killer Mike is openly conservative, and a staunch advocate of Second Amendment rights. He began his interview by explaining that his name is based on the fact that “I kill microphones, if that is not gettable within the first 5 seconds, stop listening now because you won’t be happy….I have never been arrested, I don’t have a felony on my records….”.Here are a few excerpts taken from the interview, with regards to what he sees as the real issue of the Ferguson protests, how to bring the police back into the community in a positive fashion, his astonishment at the use of tear gas on American citizens, and more:“This is a constitutional issue. I believe that that young man [Michael Brown] was killed before due process happened. I believe that that young man’s Constitutional Rights were violated, and based on that, I am in support for further investigation of what happens.”“To keep police safe, we are going to have to have police be a part of our community again, not just occupy our community. With that said, as an American, we have to stay vested in making sure our Constitutional rights are not being violated. So, I would encourage everyone to vote locally, to engage your police departments. Know your local policemen, know your police sergeants and chiefs…”“I will tell you what really scared me….because I thought initial mistakes were made over and over…..what really scared me is the use of tear gas on American citizens. We can’t use tear gas on Iraqi citizens, it is illegal to use tear gas at war, yet tear gas was used on the streets on the streets of American soil against American citizens. That frightens me. That doesn’t just frighten me for people in Ferguson, or the people that were white, black, or other nationalities; it frightens me because this could happen at your mother’s house, my mother’s house, this could happne on the streets of Texas, Georgia, New York, Los Angeles….and if we, in the name of safety, keep being complacent and not showing outrage when Constitutional rights are broken, then eventually we will all live in an occupied community, and it won’t be the least of us.”“We need black police officers. We need people that look like the people they are policing. I have encouraged people [via Twitter] to go out and sign up for the police force because they are hiring right now [in Atlanta].”Checkmate, Killer Mike!last_img

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