Latvia’s young speed drivers win bronze medals in the European Junior…

first_imgOn Saturday, the young Latvian speed riders won bronze medals in the European Junior Team Championship in Lodz. Content will continue after the ad Advertising After 21 races, the title with 27 points was secured by Poland, but 21 points each for Denmark and Latvia, which fought for a silver medal in the additional race.Latvia was represented in the last race by Oleg Mikhailov, but Denmark entrusted the fight for silver to Mads Hansen. After the first bend, Mikhailov took the lead, who successfully defended his position, but in the third lap Hansen took the lead and held until the finish. Thus, the Danes won silver and the Latvians won bronze.The most productive in the Latvian team with nine points was Mihailovs, who won the main competition in all three races. Richard Ansviesulis and Francis Gust had six points, but Ernests Matjušonoks was left without points.The young Polish speed drivers triumphed in the European Junior Team Championship for the tenth time in history.The Latvian national team left behind countries such as Sweden, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition to these six teams, a team of three different European speed riders also started.It was raining in Lodz in the morning and there were fears that the track would be prepared for the race, but in the second half of the day the weather improved. Next weekend, young Latvian speed riders in Denmark will take part in the final of the world team championship.last_img

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