Visually Fly With Flygirrl: Get To Know Artist Doreen Garner

first_img Proudest accomplishment: One of the proudest accomplishments that I’ve experienced is a recent one which was receiving a full scholarship into RISD’s MFA Program. I’ll be starting this fall at RISD continuing my studies in glass. Another great accomplishment that I have to mention is working with Rashaad Newsome on his solo exhibition “Herald” at Marlborough Gallery Chelsea in New York. It was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Rashaad is also one of my great mentors and supporters. He has shown me the ins and outs, ups and downs of the professional art world. He constantly encourages me to continue my growth as an artist. Last three songs played on your iTunes/iPod: The last three songs I played were Missy Elliot 702 “Beep me 911”, Lil Kim “Money Talks”, and D’angelo “Brown Sugar”. I was in a 90s type of mood, and I’m usually always in a 90s type of mood. But, I also like to listen to a lot of trippy instrumental type music like Flying Lotus, Madlib, Thundercat, things like that. Last completed piece of art: The Seventh Eye, Acrylic on canvas, 16×20, 2012 Favorite Philly DJ: Ah, I’ll have to say Diplo. When I’m creating new work, I like to listen to a lot of party music. My creative process is a fun experience, and he helps keep it that way. So aside from the stylistics of DJing, his individual music projects and collaborations help to make him favorite. Where can we find you and your work: You can find me in Philly or in New York depending on the week. You can find my work online at, or in person at the next AD Valorem Coalition Exhibition. More details about the next show can be found at Insider Tip: Check out the flier to Doreen + Ad Valorem’s Event this Saturday Night at The Window Factory! DJ Phsh is spinning. Doreen Garner has become one of my new favorite Philly artists to keep tabs on. From painting, to stained glass, to installations, she has a variety of creative outlets that draw us all in one piece at a time. Check out the Q&A that I did with her below and get to know Doreen a little better. Insider Tip: She has an exhibit coming up this weekend. Make sure to check out the flier and support local artists! Doreen Garner artwork: Facial Structurecenter_img Currently working on: I am currently working on a series of 2-day paintings, as well as a new video project. The 2-day paintings deal with distortion, fragmentation and reconstruction of the human figure. The video project that I am working on stems from a previous photo piece. I was concerned with how the black female body is fetish-ized and over-sexualized in today’s society. The video is composed of intimate movements and gestures that will be chopped and screwed. I am also working with rapper/producer Mike “Scanz” Danzis to compose audio to form fit specific visual components of the piece. Favorite Philly visual artist: My favorite Philly visual artist is the amazing Judith Schaechter. She is an extraordinarily talented artist that works with stained glass as well as animation. When I first saw her work in a modern craft history class at Tyler School of Art, I was floored. Her use of color and light is outstanding, not to mention her artistic voice is one of a kind. Judith has been a mentor as well as a great friend and my life wouldn’t be the same without her guidance and support. Favorite kind of paint to create with: Favorite kind of paint – I don’t really have a favorite kind for canvas and things. I use a little bit of everything. When I’m working with glass, my favorite paint is Reusche Tracing Black. If you weren’t an artist, what other career would you like to pursue: If I did not work as a fine artist, I think I would have a career in culinary arts. When I was younger, I used to bake a lot of desserts and help my Grandmother make food. I told people that I would be a baker when I grew up. Where are you originally from: I am originally from Philly. I grew up at 17th and Erie Ave in North Philly. I also spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house in Germantown. Favorite website to visit: If I had to name a favorite website, it would have to be Youtube. It’s become a crazy visual source of info and shenanigans and it’s kinda great. Favorite part of town: I don’t really think I have a favorite part of town. I might say Old City because it’s in good walking distance of a lot of cool things. Favorite art gallery: That’s another tough one. I don’t really have a favorite gallery, but if I could have my own exhibition in any of the spaces in Philadelphia it would either be at TRUST gallery or at Dalet gallery. Favorite art supply store: Back in the day I used to be a Pearl kind of girl. Since they’re gone, Dick Blick is my new spot. Last exhibit you went to: The last exhibit/exhibition I went to was Ad Valorem Coalition’s at the MBN building in Northern Liberties. Ad Valorem Coalition is an artist collective that I co-founded at the beginning of this year. It is composed of 18 other artist’s from/residing in Philadelphia. We felt like there was a lack of camaraderie and support within the artist community. Ad Valorem Coalition is a collective of artists that encourage productive studio practice, collaboration and fellowship.last_img

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