Millionaire businessman and his family in fight with wine bar bouncers after

first_imgVernon Yerkess was shouting and pointing at the door men whilst his wife Theresa was given a caution for hitting the officer over the head with her heelsMercedeh Jabbari, prosecuting Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Today we are all in a sorry state with black eyes and broken bones. We won’t be visiting again and we are very upset about the whole thingTheresa Yerkess, TripAdvisor post The following day Mrs Yerkess gave the bar a “one out of five” review on Trip Advisor, following a post from another customer and accused the door staff of assault.She wrote: “Today we are all in a sorry state with black eyes and broken bones. The bouncers posed up with us just before kicking off. We won’t be visiting again and we are very upset about the whole thing.”In his police interview, Harrison insisted that he was the one who had been assaulted whilst Benjamin couldn’t recall any racial language being used. Their father admitted being drunk and angry but could not remember any racist language being used.In mitigation, Mr Yerkess’ lawyer, Marcus Stewart said: “He is a man of exemplary good character and who is embarrassed by his own behaviour. He cringed when he watched the events on CCTV and is mortified by what he and his family engaged in that night.”It started out as a happy family celebration for his mother-in-law’s 60th birthday. They decided to once those events finished to walk for one further drink in Brady’s wine bar. The first thing he was when he entered was that the doormen had hold of Harrison and were leading him out.”He was surprised and concerned about this but, there is no suggest at any stage that Mr Vernon Yerkess was physically violent to either of the two bouncers.”He accepts he became angry because one of his sons had been punched in the face and knocked out by one of the bouncers. Not only did Harrison get knocked to the ground but so did Mrs Yerkess.”This is an unfortunate incident but fortunately there were no serious injuries caused to anyone. He has never been in a police station before in his life, he has a decent business and he employs around 30 people. It is his business that he started from nothing.” A wealthy businessman and his family brought terror to a village wine bar when they went for a “nightcap” drink following his mother-in-law’s 60th birthday party.Company managing director Vernon Yerkess, 43, his glamorous wife Theresa, also 43, and their two sons Benjamin, 23, and Harrison, 18, went berserk after a row with door staff over entry.The youngest child Harrison, who works as a trainee software designer for his family’s £12.6 million a year IT firm – allegedly called one bouncer a “P**i b*****d” after being asked for his ID.Once he has been thrown out, university graduate Benjamin yelled, “Well you are”, before telling both doormen: “I don’t know what’s worse, you being a P**i or you defending a P**i.”As the 10-minute fracas spilled out into the street and police were called, Vernon Yerkess was seen shouting and pointing at the doorman whilst his wife hit an officer around the head with her stiletto high heels.Harrison threw a punch at one of the bouncers, missed, and was knocked to the ground in self-defence.Later, when news of the family’s arrest at Brady’s Bar swept around the village of Whalley, Lancs, Mr and Mrs Yerkess took to Facebook to give their account of events – and even wrote a critical review of the venue on Trip Advisor. Businessman Vernon Yerkess with his familyCredit:Facebook Businessman Vernon Yerkess with his family Miss Mercedeh Jabbari, for the prosecution, said: “Harrison Yerkess was asked for identification by Mr Khan. Benjamin Yerkess went in the bar but saw his brother being ejected by Mr Khan and Mr Davidson. He asked why and Mr Khan replied that he called him a ‘P*** b*****d’.”Benjamin Yerkess then said ‘well you are’. Harrison Yerkess was resisting being forcibly ejected from the premises and a physical altercation continued in the foyer, before then spilling out onto the street.”Benjamin then said ‘I don’t know what’s worse you being a P**i or you defending a P**i. Benjamin then started dragging Mr Khan into the road and pushed him over onto his back. Harrison Yerkess also dragged Mr Khan into the road.”Mr Davidson came over to them in a bid to get the defendant off Mr Khan. Harrison Yerkess threw a punch at Mr Davidson but missed. Mr Davidson returned that punch that did connect and Harrison Yerkess was knocked out onto the pavements where he was unconscious.”Benjamin Yerkess kneed Mr Davidson in the face. Harrison Yerkess regained consciousness and ran towards the door staff in an aggressive manner.”All three defendants continued to behave aggressively when the police arrived. Vernon Yerkess was shouting and pointing at the door men whilst his wife Theresa was given a caution for hitting the officer over the head with her heels.” It started out as a happy family celebration for his mother-in-law’s 60th birthdayMarcus Stewart, defending Defending Benjamin; who has a degree in Design, Business and Digital Media; and Harrison, defence counsel Hugh Barton said: “It cannot be suggested that they had gone out looking for trouble – they had been out with their grandmother. They know whatever happened it cannot excuse what they did.”Theses two young men were incensed and that defies everything we know about them. There was a trigger, and they are both deeply ashamed.”Mr Barton said both brothers intended to travel to Canada next year to train as ski instructors.Vernon was given a 12 month community order was ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work. Benjamin was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, suspended for a year and to complete 60 hours unpaid work.Harrison was sentenced to 12 weeks in a youth offenders institute, suspended for a year and must complete 60 hours unpaid work. Each were ordered to pay £500 costs.Passing sentence: Judge Ian Leeming QC told the family: “Each of you is usually well-behaved. You are all employed and work hard. The copious references all speak very highly of you.”But affray is a serious offence. It is not just the victims of the unlawful violence, but also any members of the public who witnessed the violence or the threats of violence.”The affray happened over a substantial period of time and must be dealt with firmly. Vernon you are the senior person here but regrettably you did not restrain your sons.”From what was said you saw what you perceived as the doormen giving rough treatment to your sons and reacted inappropriately. This was a disgraceful incident.” At the time, police took the unprecedented step of calling for calm on social media after the postings prompted a wave of online debate and comments.At Burnley Crown Court, Yerkess – who runs Cleverboxes – and his two sons, who live in a detached house in nearby Sabden, admitted affray.Mrs Yerkess, who also has a daughter with her husband, accepted a police caution for her involvement in the incident on February 20.The court heard that the family had been celebrating at a nearby restaurant when they decided to go for a further drink at Brady’s, where they encountered doormen Jabbar Khan and Tom Davidson.last_img

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