Chaos in the Macedonian National team

According to reports from Skopje, six players from the champions team Metalurg did not participate in the first training of the national team. This shows the black prognosis, that there are huge problems between Savevski and some of the national team players that come from Metalurg. The relationships are so bad, that it’s quite possible that they might refuse to play for the national team.Apart from the six that missed the training, there were still three more that participated – Gorgonovski, Lazarov and Mitreski. Also missing were Levov and Mirkulovski, but they were injured. The six players from Metalurg said that Savevski expelled them, and will say in details after today’s announcement from Savevski. Savevski denied that he expelled them, and said that he will ask for a punishment. ← Previous Story Irfan Smajlagic beaten up at the training session of his club! Next Story → Lars Jorgensen retires from playing for the national team

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