Apples new inapp purchasing policies leave publishers dismayed

first_imgWe reported the other day regarding Apple’s decision to clamp down on in-app purchasing, specifically targeted at Sony, who’s attempt at releasing their own e-book iPhone app was squashed. That decision has now had a deep impact on publishers. None more so than publishers in Europe who have thrown all their toys out of the pram regarding the matter. They believe Apple’s decision to prevent Sony from releasing its own e-book app has left them confused regarding charging policies.To make matters worse publishers have previously been able to offer users in-app html links to help them manage their e-book subs, but with the new rules stating that publishers must also offer users an option to pay by Apple’s own in-app purchasing system, this has left a lot of publishers even more dismayed over the new policy.The result of all this is that an invitation-only meet up is being planned by the International Newsmedia Marketing Association, European Online Publishing Association, and magazine association in London later this month. The band of publishers will discuss what to do next and compare notes on how Apple’s new charging rules will affect them.With Apple already being strict on how in-app purchases are controlled, this latest uprising by the publishers should hopefully make Apple realize that some leniency needs to be bestowed upon them. Even companies like Kobo are starting to speak up over how Apple’s new policy can affect their business long term and the prediction is not positive.Read more at mocoNewslast_img

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