Geek deals 2012 Apple Airport Express wireless router for 91

first_imgWhether you love or hate Apple, you have to give them credit where credit is due. Their products embody a sublime user experience in nearly all situations and show you what a truly polished product looks like.Apple’s design ethos extends to seemingly trivial items like their wireless router. The Airport Express embodies the same philosophies seen in their multi-thousand dollar PCs: minimalist, easy to use, and of course white. While some may take issue with how these attributes are applied to more complicated and hands-on products like PCs or mobile devices, it’s hard to fault a router.The new 2012 Airport Express has all the latest technologies you would come to expect, but it doesn’t look like a mobile radar station. It supports 802.11n, the older 802.11g standard, as well as dual-band Wireless N. For wireless cards that support the 5GHz band, this option allows devices to avoid the more crowded 2.4GHz band where so many other wireless gadgets are competing for a signal.AirPlay is included to allow nearly seamless media streaming from an iTunes library into your stereo, with an audio output from the Airport Express. You can also plug your printer into it for no-fuss printer sharing.All of the standard security features are included, like encrypted wireless and a hardware firewall, but you can also create a secondary wireless network for guests that is isolated from your primary network.Being a brand new Apple product, we almost never see discounts on this little white box. This makes a $9 discount with free shipping and tax in New York only a very hot deal.Visit LogicBuy for the 2012 Apple Airport Express Wireless Router MC414LL/Alast_img

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