Ridesharing system cruises into Vancouver

first_imgUber has arrived in Vancouver. The rapidly growing ride-sharing app soft-launched here last week and is actively recruiting drivers. The company, which has been in Seattle for about three years, is expanding its reach in Washington, Brooke Steger, general manager of Uber Seattle, said. “I think we’re just really excited to be in Vancouver,” she said. “It’s a great city.” And the goal is to spread and make sure “no matter where you are in Washington, you can use Uber.”Anyone looking for a ride from Vancouver can use the app. “You push a button, the car comes by and picks you up,” Steger said. There is no need to tip as no cash transactions occur. Everything is done online. “It creates a very stress-free environment for both the driver and the rider.”But the service has one gaping hole in its coverage, as well as a big question mark: the city of Portland does not allow Uber to operate there, so someone wanting to use the service from Vancouver to Portland will need to find another way home. And it’s unclear whether the company is operating legally even in Vancouver. No one from Uber contacted anyone at City Hall, city Treasurer Carrie Lewellen said Wednesday, and it’s unclear whether Uber needs a taxi license. Current codes regarding vehicles for hire don’t address companies such as Uber, she said.last_img

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