Phish ‘Dinner And A Movie’ Stream Companion: 8/19/12 At Bill Graham Civic Auditorium [Photos/Videos]

first_imgThis week’s 21st episode of Dinner and a Movie takes us back 8 years (nearly to the day) to the band’s two-leg 2012 summer tour. 2012 marked the last year that Phish split their U.S. summeer tour into two separate sections, a trend that had begun in 2004 ahead of the band’s breakup and persisted once Phish reunited in 2009. 2012 was also back in the days of tour “announcement videos” posted by the band. Each of the two 2012 summer tour legs got its own announcement video, and each of them is as strange and amusing as you’d expect from this band. Watch Jon Fishman get his Rocky on, pig out on junk food, and take in some ads for the high-class “Gordeaux” (starring Mike Gordon) in preparation for the two-part 2012 summer Phish tour below:Phish 2012 Summer Tour Leg 1 Announcement VideoPhish 2012 Summer Tour Leg 2 Announcement Video<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>Tonight’s Dinner And A Movie will feature a full replay of the third and final night of Phish’s first-ever run at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, a venue that would become a regular tour stop for the band in the ensuing years. The intimate, 8,500-cap room offered one of the summer’s only indoor shows as well as one of its smallest venues. Since the 2012 summer campaign was somewhat inconsistent and notably short on long jams, the 8/19/12 performance instantly rocketed to the top of many fans’ “Best of 2012” lists due to its improvisational depth.Related: Mike Gordon & Leo Kottke Announce First Album In 15 Years, Share Two Tracks [Listen]The first set on 8/19/12 was relatively standard 2012 fare, featuring a number of heavy-rotation tunes like “Crowd Control”, “Party Time”, “Axilla”, “Reba”, “Free”, “Mound”, “Walk Away” and “NICU”. Things began to get a little more interesting with a lightly-improvised “Back On The Train”, “Gotta Jibboo” > a soaring “Roggae”, and a thrilling though somewhat compositionally fumbled set-closing “David Bowie”.The main event here, however, is set two. The band returned to the stage for the second frame and launched into Talking Heads‘ “Crosseyed and Painless”. Behind deft playing by Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon, this “Crosseyed” rose to unusual heights throughout its nearly 17-minute runtime—which unseated the version from 6/21/09 at Alpine as the longest jam on the song since before the breakup.The band was far from finished with their improvisational ambitions, as “Crosseyed” moved into a fantastic rendition of “Light”, which truly began to come into its own as a jam vehicle in the summer of 2012. Just before the 15-minute mark (and after an amusing tease of Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies”), the band executed a smooth segue into “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley”. With Gordon and Fishman laying the foundation, “Sally” picked up right where the ripping “Light” jam left off, accounting for another 10+ minutes of electrifying playing. Both “Light” and “Sally” were infused with teases of “Crosseyed”, and the building went berserk as the band moved back into “Crosseyed and Painless” in earnest for a brief reprise. Those first 45(ish) minutes of set two are prime live Phish, no matter what era they might have come from.“Theme From The Bottom”, “Rocky Top”, “Boogie On Reggae Woman”, “Meatstick”, and “Bug” all felt like a victory lap after the “Crosseyed” sandwich that started the frame, but the “You Enjoy Myself” that closed it out was the true exclamation mark on a stellar set. Finally, the band returned to the stage for a “Ride Captain Ride” encore (with extra cheers for the appropriate “San Francisco Bay” lyrics) followed by the “Tweezer Reprise” still owed after the “Tweezer” on the run’s first night.This is a fun one, folks. Enjoy! As always, the party begins at 8:30 E.T. You can check out some photos from the show captured by photographer Dave Vann  below: Tonight (Tuesday, August 18th), Phish will air their August 19th, 2012 show at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium as the 21st episode of their ongoing archival webcast/cooking series, Dinner and a Movie. Tune in below at 8:30 p.m. ET and scroll down to follow along with our 8/19/12 Stream Companion.Phish Dinner and a Movie Episode 21: 8/19/12, Bill Graham Civic AuditoriumPrevious Dinner and a Movie Stream Companions have included a little paragraph here about the past episodes, but it’s stopped being so little after 21 weeks. Now, it’s a list instead, so you can check out the past episodes and revisit their respective Stream Companions:Phish Dinner and a Movie – Past EpisodesEpisode 1: 8/31/12, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park (“F– Your Face” Show)Episode 2: 7/21/14, Merriweather Post Pavilion (Tweezerfest)Episode 3: 7/25/17, Madison Square Garden (Baker’s Dozen “Jam-Filled” Night)Episode 4: 8/22/15, Magnaball (Saturday Night, Three Sets)Episode 5: 7/9/19, Mohegan SunEpisode 6: 10/28/16, MGM Grand Garden ArenaEpisode 7: 1/15/17, MexicoEpisode 8: 8/3/18, AlpharettaEpisode 9: 7/21/97, Virginia Beach (U.S. Tour Opener ft. DMB’s LeRoi Moore)Episode 10: 12/29/18, Madison Square GardenEpisode 11: 7/26/13, The Gorge (The Birth of the Phish/Seahawks Connection)Episode 12: 6/19/95, Deer Creek Music CenterEpisode 13: 8/12/15, The MannEpisode 14: 8/7/10, The Greek TheatreEpisode 15: 5/1/89, Northampton, MA (“Avant-Garde” Video of Set Two at small MA club)Episode 16: 7/14/19, Alpine Valley (Bust-Outs, Ruby Waves, Icculus, & More)Episode 17: 10/20/13, Hampton ColiseumEpisode 18: 7/28/17, Madison Square Garden (Baker’s Dozen “Jam-Filled” Night)Episode 19: 7/8/94, Great Woods (Gamehendge)Episode 20: 10/26/18, Allstate Arena RosemontEpisode 21: 8/19/12, Bill Graham Civic AuditoriumView Past Episodes and Stream CompanionsAhead of tonight’s stream, fans can tune in to SiriusXM Phish Radio for a conversation between Ari Fink and actor/Phish fan Joseph Gordon-Levitt before Gordon-Levitt hosts this week’s edition of fan-curated program, “Crowd Control.” Check out a clip from the new “Crowd Control” below and tune in starting at 6 p.m. here. Setlist: Phish | Bill Graham Civic Auditorium | San Francisco, CA | 8/19/12Set One: Crowd Control, Party Time, Axilla, Reba, Free > Mound > Walk Away, NICU > Back on the Train, Gotta Jibboo > Roggae, David BowieSet Two: Crosseyed and Painless > Light -> Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley -> Crosseyed and Painless > Theme From the Bottom > Rocky Top, Boogie On Reggae Woman > Meatstick, Bug, You Enjoy MyselfEncore: Ride Captain Ride > Tweezer RepriseTrey teased Nellie Kane in Crowd Control. Reba included a DEG tease. Bowie contained a Reba tease from Trey. Eleanor Rigby was teased prior to the start of the second set. Crosseyed contained a tease of The Cave. Light and Sneakin’ Sally both included Crosseyed teases. Light also included a Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) tease. Mike teased China Cat Sunflower before Bug.last_img read more

Vapefest: Where e-cigarette camaraderie is in the air — along with haze

first_imgThe scent on the breeze is — what? Guava, with a hint of lion’s mane? Or maybe a cocktail of vanilla and cherry menthol and jungle juice. Past the hotel lobby, the haze thickens. Smells sharpen, then muddle, then sharpen again. It’s smoky, except it’s not, because it is vapor that’s being expelled in great white plumes in the ballroom, which is clogged with vapers, because this is Vapefest. An announcement is being made.“Meet Beefcake the Mighty,” says a young vaper in a teal polo shirt into a microphone, referencing the large man dressed as some kind of mythic warlord from hell. “He will autograph your juice for you.”Where to begin. Most of the mods look like sheathed light sabers. They’re not the dainty penlike items you’d buy at a gas station. These are hand-held lithium-powered objects of sorcery that mimic the Pavlovian choreography of smoking: the hand-to-mouth movement, the “throat hit” and the, uh, suckle.Under a tent near speakers that are playing AC/DC, Matt Wellman is vaping a Gandalf pipe made of spalted tamarind. It’s handsome, shankless and claw-like. He fashioned it at Steam Cigs, his shop, vapers lounge and manufacturing base in Lawrenceville, Ga.“It’s a battery holder,” he says of the pipe. “It’s just a very pretty battery holder.”A former home remodeler, Wellman made his first e-pipe in December 2010 using his grandfather’s pipe-smoker tools. His company, ePipeMods, has made 10,000 since, employs a dozen people and is estimated to do $1 million in business this year.Vapers line up to admire the craftsmanship. They buy discounted vials and fly through plastic mouthpieces while trying flavors. They fondle a range of mods and accessories such as colored screw-on bands that say “Vapestrong.” They gab and exhale majestic billows of vapor at round tables piled high with merchandise, cans of Miller Lite and glass pints of Blue Moon from the bar in the lobby.This bit of revelry and commerce is part of building the e-cigarette industry from the ground up, drag by drag, small business by small business. Vapers are fighting legislative battles as states try to figure out how to restrict, tax or otherwise regulate vaping, which is often coupled by lawmakers with regular tobacco cigarettes. Vapers credit vaping for getting them off traditional cigarettes, often overnight and cold turkey, but vendors are cautioned from touting the health benefits, which are in dispute.“You’re not saving anyone’s life,” says Cynthia Cabrera of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association during a “legal and political education” breakout session for festgoers. “You’re selling a lifestyle product.”The lifestyle, though, exists because of its divorce from traditional cigarettes, which are proven killers. The secretary of the National Vapers Club, who goes by the name Malicedoll, is standing on the periphery of Vapefest as dinnertime approaches. She’s wearing a bodice and a cascading hairfall made of black and white yarn. Malicedoll is a licensed embalmer from Phoenix, and she also has fangs (via minor cosmetic dental surgery).She’s vaping lemonade ice from a mod with a case featuring cast members of the CW show “Supernatural.” Beefcake the Mighty has taken his place on the opposite end of the ballroom and is signing mods and posters.What does she see when she looks around Vapefest, besides the haze, of course, and a delightfully odd and diverse occasion?“People who want to live,” Malicedoll says, shrugging. “People who don’t want to die.” With the haze, yes, and the smell. But then?Start simple. Vapefest is a convention and fundraiser for users and vendors of electronic cigarettes. Users of electronic cigarettes are called vapers. Vapers vape vapor. Beefcake the Mighty is a member of the thrash metal band Gwar, whose albums include “This Toilet Earth.” You may remember the song called “The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7.”OK.center_img So Beefcake the Mighty is a vaper, and he is what passes for a celebrity at Vapefest, which is pretty darn fun, as far as hotel conventions around Dulles International Airport in Virginia go. (You’d probably rather meet Beefcake the Mighty than other e-cigarette pitchmen, such as Jenny McCarthy and Stephen Dorff, right?) Even after working the room for five hours and inhaling clouds of secondhand atomized propylene glycol, there are still interesting people to talk to — and not a hint of dry eye or scratchy throat, or that icky feeling you might get from sucking tarry poison into your infuriated bronchi.“They found this, and they were able to get off cigarettes, and they’ve become very passionate about it,” says Cheryl Richter, the financial secretary of the National Vapers Club and owner of an e-cigarette shop in Port Chester, N.Y. “Now vapers like to hang out with other vapers, and we don’t like to hang out with smokers at all, because we hate that smell now.”The smell here at the Dulles Hyatt on Friday afternoon, where roughly 1,000 people were expected to gather over two days, is sweet and pungent.Now the look here is another story. The vapers at Vapefest look as if they’re taking a smoke break — sorry, vape break — from a sci-fi convention or a Harley-Davidson ride. Some of them are clearly sporting scabs from skateboard accidents. Some of them are clearly wearing one of their half-dozen Men’s Wearhouse suits. Some of them look like they belong at a Leesburg PTA meeting, or in Middle Earth, or the 1910s. One vendor here sells both “shire malt” and “Grandpa’s cough medicine” e-liquids (or “juice”), the vials of flavored nicotine that are electronically vaporized when you suck on the mouthpiece of an e-cigarette, or “mod,” as the vapers refer to the device.last_img read more

Karen Lynn Hammer

first_img Memorial contributions may be made in Mrs. Hammer’s memory to The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, P.O. Box 4486, Houston, Texas 77210. Complete and updated information may be found at: broussards A gathering of Mrs. Hammer’s family and friends will be from 12:00 p.m., with her funeral service at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, November 12, 2016, at Faith Tabernacle Church, 10169 Highway 69 (Memorial Boulevard), Port Arthur, Texas. Her interment will follow at Memory Gardens of Jefferson County in Nederland. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Broussard’s Mortuary, Nederland. Next UpShe was preceded in death by her father, Milton Foster; and brother, Daryl Foster. Survivors include her spouse, Reverend D.R. Hammer; children, Morgan (Nate) Hyde of East Sparta, Ohio, Macy (Daniel) Moreaux of Beaumont, Texas, Miles Hammer, and Micah Hammer; grandchildren, Maleah, Ella, and Layla Hyde and Noah and Bella Moreaux; mother, Wanda Foster; siblings, Ronnie (Lenora) Foster, Rusty (Donna) Foster, Mark (Tammy) Foster, and Rebekah Foster; numerous nieces and nephews; and special friends and members of Faith Tabernacle. center_img Karen Lynn Hammer of Nederland, Texas passed away November 7, 2016 at the age of 50. She was born January 26, 1966 in Port Arthur, Texas to Milton and Wanda Foster. Karen married Douglas R. Hammer on June 15, 1984. She lived several years in Kerrville, Texas and later in Alpine, Texas, finally settling down in Nederland in 1999. Karen enjoyed shopping, decorating, exploring new recipes and trying new restaurants. She loved her grandchildren and enjoyed spending time with them. Karen had a funny, mischievous side and loved to have fun. last_img read more

Auto Craft Shop

first_imgThe Auto Craft Shop, at 5669 Lee Road, is a perfect place for do-it-yourself repairs on your vehicle. There are 24 work bays for common repairs, tuneups, oil changes, body repairs and painting. For more information, phone 803-751-5755.Special features include:• Safe, clean work areas.• An excellent variety of tools.• Informative shop manuals.• Car wash facilities.• Knowledgeable staff ready to assist you if needed.The Auto Craft Shop also offers full, personalized auto-detailing Thursday through Sunday at reasonable prices.last_img

Female specific GPS sports watch, Bia, seeks crowd funding on Kickstarter

first_img Related Bia, a new GPS sports watch designed for women, by women, has launched on popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter. Developed by Bia Sport Inc for the 45 US million women classified as avid athletes, the sleek, stylish and streamlined device combines traditional GPS-enabled training metrics such as distance, pace and duration with cutting edge design, race-day tracking and safety features.As the company points out, ‘with only masculine design options available in the marketplace, the Bia project on Kickstarter hopes to crowd fund US$400,000 to bring the uniquely designed training device to market.’Bia’s efforts on Kickstarter run from 4 June to 13 July 2012. Potential investors can learn more by visiting Kickstarter.Bia is the brainchild of founders Cheryl Kellond and Sylvia Marino, both accomplished high tech executives and avid athletes. Frustrated with the size and unnecessary complexity of existing products, they developed the Bia watch to address the needs of an audience that ‘comprises the majority of distance runners and is the fastest growing segment in triathlon – women.’Kellond, CEO, said of Bia, “This wasn’t a ‘shrink it and pink it’ approach. While size and style were critical we also sought to address the specific needs of female athletes including a safety alert system and effortless transfer of workout and race data to computers and smartphones. There is an obvious gap in the market and we are filling it.”According to data cited by Bia Sport Inc:ABI Research forecasts the market for dedicated GPS fitness devices to be 3.1 million units in 2012, growing to 7.5 million in 2016Women make up 45% of all avid athletes. They comprise more than 60% of half-marathoners and are the fastest growing segment in both running and triathlonWomen purchase only 30% of the GPS fitness devices, citing size and unnecessary complexity as key turnoffsBia’s unique two-piece design consists of the Bia sports watch and an optional Bia GPS Go Stick. Lightweight and contoured to hug a woman’s wrist, Bia offers:Robust multisport use: distance, pace and duration for swimming, cycling and running; calorie burn; compatibility with heart rate straps; water resistance to 100 metresEase of use: iPod-like user interface and instant-on GPS connectionUnique capabilities requested by women: real-time tracking on race days and emergency notification on solo workoutsDetailed workout data delivered automatically to online training logsEdgy colours and interchangeable straps by Betty Designs, ‘the creative force behind the sickest race kits in triathlon’Bia is a lifestyle brand combining style and technology info into products ‘for the 100M adults who are passionate about fitness.’ Existing sports & fitness solutions are designed for data geeks and the uber-competitive 1% of athletes. Bia’s platform of online and on-body solutions ‘bridges the gap and helps the 99% of those who will never see the podium achieve new athletic firsts and fall in love with healthy habits for lifelong fitness.’Bia’s online site for fitness tracking and community launched in January. Bia’s first wearable self-tracking solution is a style-savvy GPS sports watch launching on Kickstarter. Co-founders Cheryl Kellond and Sylvia Mario are Silicon Valley veterans and avid athletes.www.bia-sport.comlast_img read more

Are you closing strong?

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr One of the things that successful loan originators do is attend mortgage closings? Do you?Those that do usually swear by the importance of it,, but I hear from some originators that they don’t have time to attend the closing. I think that’s pretty short sighted…..and here’s why?Originators who attend closings benefit in a variety of different ways. If you aren’t doing this, find a way to fit it into your schedule.Here’s my short list of reasons:1. You get to thank the borrower for choosing you and the Credit Union. This helps reinforce your relationship with the borrower and the Credit Union. Use the opportunity to ask them to refer you to others and give them your business cards. And touch base with your consumer lending team so you can tell the member what else they are approved for on the lending side.2. You get the chance to answer questions or fix anything that doesn’t go right. Sometimes a loan closing goes wrong or the borrower thought something else was supposed to happen. If you’re not there, the borrower either postpones closing, delays closing or closes and isn’t happy. None of these are memberlicious approaches. continue reading »last_img read more

Who should be able to audit trust accounts?

first_img October 15, 2012 Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Regular News Who should be able to audit trust accounts? Senior EditorWould allowing title insurance companies to audit attorney trust accounts —including those transactions the companies are not insuring — be a breach of confidentiality for clients with funds in those accounts or an extra protection?During its September 21 meeting, the Professional Ethics Committee looked at that question stemming from a new state law requiring law firms to allow title insurance companies to audit trust accounts, which contain funds for real estate transactions.The question was brought to the PEC’s attention from an attorney who inquired whether such audit would violate confidentiality provisions of Bar rules because the auditing companies companies would have access to information about clients and transactions the companies were not insuring.The committee looked at a subcommittee draft opinion which said client information would impermissibly be revealed and heard from representatives of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section and title insurance companies which said there would be little, if any, harm to clients. The committee ultimately deferred action after the subcommittee chair stated the panel needed to reconsider its draft in light of some late submissions from the section and title companies.However, Loretta O’Keeffe, the subcommittee chair, said any changes would not likely alter the final conclusion that the audits cause ethical problems.At issue is new subsection (8) to F.S. §626.8473, which requires attorneys acting as title or real estate settlement agents to keep funds for those transactions in a separate trust account to which title insurance companies insuring those deals would have access “unless maintaining funds in the separate account for a particular client would violate applicable rules of The Florida Bar.” The provision, part of an overhaul of title insurance laws, became effective July 1.The subcommittee, O’Keeffe said, looked at this question: “Is the attorney permitted to allow the title insurance company to audit the firm’s special trust account. . . without the informed consent of the client who has no involvement with the title insurance company?“The special subcommittee said the answer is ‘no,’” O’Keeffe added, “if the special trust account holds funds for client transactions that are unrelated to the title insurer requesting the audit, unless the client gives informed consent.”The subcommittee based its answer on Bar Rule 4-1.6(a), which prohibits an attorney from revealing information about the representation of a client without the consent of that client or unless certain conditions apply. The only one of those conditions that might apply, O’Keeffe said, is if the disclosure might be in the client’s best interest.“We found it did not [serve the client’s interest] because of the fact you have this overriding duty of confidentiality and the fact you were permitting a title insurer to be exposed to funds they are not insuring,” she said.Lawyers could ethically comply with the law, O’Keeffe said, by having a separate trust account for each title insurance company they deal with, having one trust account but getting informed consent from each client with funds in the account, or getting a pledge from title insurance companies that they will look at only transactions they are insuring when they audit the trust account.While RPPTL and title companies provided input to the subcommittee before its opinion was drafted, O’Keeffe said they submitted further comments after the draft was finished and the subcommittee wanted more time to consider those observations.“I do not believe that our proposed advisory opinion would change, but we would have to consider some of the recommendations and comments,” she said.The PEC agreed to take the issue up again at its next meeting in January or February.Three visitors at the meeting spoke against the draft proposed opinion. Michael Gelfand from RPPTL said audits strengthen confidence in title insurance and real estate transactions.“Audits are a critical and necessary tool in the proper function of trust accounts,” he said. “It detects bad practices. Auditing is also critical to allow us to go back and see what happens and recover funds and prosecute those who have taken funds.”Ted Conner, general counsel of title insurer The Fund, said title work isn’t as neat as envisioned in the draft proposed opinion. “Transactions come in from many sources; some come in from builders, lenders, mortgage brokers. . . . There’s often not an engagement letter as such,” he said, which can complicate getting consent.Conner added that if a client doesn’t give consent, “I think at that point the attorney would be required to tell the client, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re not getting the benefit of all these audits.’”Jim Russick, of Old Republic Title Insurance Company, contended the consent isn’t required under the rules.“The rules that do not require informed consent, if it’s in the best interest of the client, are being met by what we do [audits],” he said. “They are keeping the individual practitioner in the game because the companies are responsible for any loss of funds.”Russick said that requiring an informed consent waiver for audits would just add to the already abundant paperwork that accompanies a real estate transaction.He questioned how much confidential information a title company could discover, because most of the information — such as the source of the money, the purchase price, the size of the mortgage — will be part of the public record after the transaction closes. Who should be able to audit trust accounts?last_img read more

Many who delay sex are happier as adults

first_imgUnited Press International: U.S. teens who delay having sex may have more satisfying romantic relationships in adulthood, but were less likely to get married, researchers say.Paige Harden of The University of Texas at Austin said the study found those who had a later first sexual experience were less likely to be married and had fewer romantic partners in adulthood.Harden said it’s possible people who have their first sexual encounter later might be pickier in choosing romantic and sexual partners, but more research is needed.Read the whole story: United Press International More of our Members in the Media >last_img

White House unveils plan for battling MDR-TB

first_imgThe White House yesterday released a federal action plan for fighting multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) that will involve a host of federal agencies, especially the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).The plan was put together by an interagency work group in response to an executive order from President Barack Obama in September 2014, part of a multipronged attack on antibiotic resistance. It includes a set of steps to guide domestic policy and to respond to global threats from both MDR-TB and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB).Tuberculosis causes more deaths than any other infectious disease, killing 1.5 million people throughout the world annually, according to a White House fact sheet on the new plan. It added that nearly a third of the TB-infected population has the multidrug-resistant form but that less than 20% of those affected get the drugs they need. Patients who aren’t successfully treated can pass the disease to others.Plan detailsThe 38-page National Action Plan sets out critical steps the US government can take, if adequately funded, over the next 3 to 5 years to help with the global battle against the disease. The roadmap is designed to dovetail with broader efforts that have already been set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US government.The White House said another goal of the plan is to galvanize support from donors, the private sector, and other countries.The plan has three main goals: to beef up domestic capacity to battle MDR-TB, to improve international capacity and collaboration, and to stimulate research and development on the disease and its detection and treatment.For example, one of the thrusts of the first goal is to ensure that all patients with TB are promptly identified and treated, with their close contacts carefully monitored as well. The White House said 100 Americans are diagnosed with MDR-TB each year.Also, the plan sets dates for global targets, from ensuring that 25% of MDR-TB patients in the 10 worst-affected countries are appropriately treated by 2016, with that number rising to 50% by 2020.Game plan draws praiseIn a press release yesterday, the CDC said MDR-TB is now found in every country in the world, and the disease strains public health systems even in countries such as the United States where disease burden is low.CDC Director Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, said in a statement yesterday, “The White House’s National Action Plan is a critical step to combat multidrug-resistant TB. CDC sends our doctors, nurses and scientists to the front lines to find, cure and prevent TB before it develops resistance to last-line antibiotics—so we can eliminate deaths from this curable disease.”The American Thoracic Society (ATS) yesterday said it welcomed release of the plan, which some of its members helped draft. It noted that TB deaths recently eclipsed HIV/AIDS deaths and that the spread of drug-resistant TB, which is complicated and costly to treat, is a global health issue that requires urgent action.Atul Malhotra, MD, ATS president, said in the statement that all are vulnerable to drug-resistant TB because it is an airborne disease. The battle requires strong commitments from countries around the globe, he added.”The ATS urges the Administration and Congress to allocate the funding needed to implement this important global health plan beginning in fiscal year 2017, and we pledge to work with them to accomplish this,” he said.See also:Dec 22 White House plan for battling MDR-TBDec 22 White House fact sheetSep 19, 2014, CIDRAP News story “White House launches major effort against resistant bacteria”Dec 22 CDC press releaseDec 22 ATS statementlast_img read more

Aftermarket Industrial Sales Manager, North America – Carlisle Brake & Friction

first_img The North American Aftermarket Industrial Sales Manager is responsible for attaining sales plan objectives. This position is responsible for planning and managing all sales activities within the North American Industrial non-OE aftermarket to drive increase in market share. The North American Industrial Sales Manager will provide business intelligence and market place direction by, establishing clear goals, strategies and initiatives. In addition, the North American Industrial Sales Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of annual sales plans, strategies and tactics to support CBF’s North American and Global business objectives.   Specific Duties: • Directly manage non-OE aftermarket CBF distributors. Work extensively with other roles in sales and marketing (analysts, customer service, and marketing) as well as other functions including R&D, operations, and finance to meet or exceed customer expectations and to build / reinforce a positive CBF brand promise. Advertisement • Supervise any current or future Regional Sales Managers for the Industrial Aftermarket. • Study, analyze, and report on quality of CBF service, customer attitudes, economic conditions, and government controls, with respect of their effects on sales of existing or proposed services. • Continually evaluate the timely adjustment of sales strategies and plans to meet changing market competitive conditions. • Implement both tactics and long-term sales strategies geared toward greater global market share and profitability. • Coordinate with all CBF regions / associates touching any/all Industrial customers. Work across North American regions with particular attention on coordinating CBF globally with multinational customers. • Develop & maintain strategic national and global accounts.  Develop effective executive level relationships and broad networks of contacts at target customers. • Work extensively with Industrial Marketing Team on development and implementation of market, product, and customer strategies. • Manage CBF’s value proposition to the market, customers and industry including service, price and product sales strategies. • Take on other / special project work as assigned by VP sales • Manager Eagle or incentive programs for all North American Industrial Aftermarket Accounts.   This position will report to the Director of Global Industrial Aftermarket at Global Headquarters in Solon, Ohio. Advertisement A Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering preferred, plus five years of previous sales experience with the heavy duty spare parts industry.   To apply online for this position, click the Apply Now button below. With 10 manufacturing facilities globally located in the U.S., UK, Italy, China, Japan and India, and with over 2,000 employees, Carlisle Brake & Friction is the leading provider of high performance braking solutions to the off-highway, high performance racing, aerospace and alternative energy markets, serving over 100 leading original equipment manufacturers in 55 countries. AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisement Carlisle Brake & Friction designs and manufactures a full solution set of braking products. These include: dry disc caliper brakes, drum brakes and mechanical brakes for both service and park applications. Additionally, we manufacture both wet and dry friction materials used for wet brakes, brake linings, clutches, fuel cells, and transmissions. We also design and deliver hydraulic actuation, including hydraulic valves, master cylinders, adjustors, and boosted master cylinders.   An Equal Opportunity Employer: M/F/D/V.last_img read more