New Mexico Delegation Announces $3 Million Grant For Youth Behavioral Health

first_imgCONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION News: “This grant will help CYFD in its work to rebuild community based mental health care services in Sandoval, Chaves and Valencia Counties. This is part of a broader plan to rebuild community-based supports statewide,” CYFD Secretary Brian Blalock said. “The department is really excited to be able to provide wraparound services to children with complex needs in these communities.” “Part of supporting our youth is also ensuring that the appropriate resources exist when they face behavioral health issues, no matter where they live. This newest HHS grant will allow local organizations to expand their infrastructure to ensure that young people living in rural communities have access to the innovative behavioral health services they need closer to home,” Torres Small said. “New Mexico’s most rural communities often lack the infrastructure and resources needed to support necessary innovative behavioral health practices to serve our youth battling serious behavioral health issues,” Udall, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said. “This HHS grant will help our local communities expand initiatives already in place and support new enterprises to bolster access to cutting edge behavioral health support for families in New Mexico, no matter where they live.” “We need to rebuild and expand behavioral health services in New Mexico—particularly in our rural communities—so that families can get the help and support they need,” Heinrich said. “This grant will help fund the initiatives and personnel necessary to enhance the quality of life for those struggling with behavioral health issues, and expand services for children and youth regardless of income or where they live.” The CYFD BHS will use this grant to expand the existing infrastructure and capacity of the statewide behavioral health service system for children and youth ages 0-21, especially in rural communities which traditionally lack the funding to provide adequate behavioral health services.center_img “As New Mexico rebuilds our behavioral health infrastructure, this grant will be crucial in ensuring that young New Mexicans have access to the critical services they need. Rural communities face unique challenges seeking care, and I’m excited to see this investment in community health care providers that will help eliminate barriers for our families,” Luján said. WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senators Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) and U.S. Representatives Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), Deb Haaland (D-N.M.), and Xochitl Torres Small (D-N.M.), announced that the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded a $3,000,000 grant to New Mexico’s Children, Youth, and Families Department’s Behavioral Health Services (CYFD BHS). “Anyone who is struggling with their behavioral health should have access to the help they need no matter where they live. However, when New Mexico’s behavioral health system was dismantled in 2013, our communities lost the resources to tackle the struggles our families face,” Haaland said. “This grant for rural communities will increase access to age-appropriate behavioral health services for young people so they can manage their behavioral health early in life.” The grant will help the CYFD BHS enhance the behavioral health workforce, engage youth, family and community members, improve interagency collaboration, expand the service array for children and youth, and utilize ongoing Continuous Quality Improvement framework. Trauma-informed care, family peer support services and mobile crisis response units and other services will be made available to an estimated 600 children over the life of the grant. Additionally, local communities will work with CYFD BHS to align funding streams with existing initiatives to ensure access to these services are sustainable.last_img read more

By Innovation Only: The Rebirth Of A Resort

first_imgDecades ago, Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times architectural critic and East Hampton resident Paul Goldberger, wrote a cautionary piece called “The Strangling Of A Resort,” describing what he thought at the time were signs of the Hamptons’ imminent demise. In many ways, Goldberger was right. The Hamptons have struggled with several of the issues he warned about. However, in many cases, those dangers have been eliminated or at least minimized.That’s not to say the Hamptons haven’t changed — they’ve changed a great deal — or that they’re perfect; they’re not. However, the Hamptons and the East End are still a uniquely beautiful community that retain many of the characteristics that have attracted people here for centuries, for work and play. Nevertheless, while the region has to a large degree avoided becoming a blighted, banal suburban landscape, new challenges have popped up.One challenge is the increased polarization of the economy. While not unique to the Hamptons, polarization has made it more difficult for many to live and work in the community they call home, leading to a steady “brain drain.” Much of the middle class is being displaced, while others are prevented from joining us. Overall, this transformation can stifle creativity, vibrancy, and hamper economic opportunity for many on the East End. There are ways to address this struggle others have recommended, each with unique benefits and pitfalls. We’d like to suggest an additional route.In the months ahead, we will be showcasing the stories of a new breed of Hamptons resident in this space. Innovators are creating the future of the Hamptons, driven by insight, courage, and technology to build thriving businesses in the digital economy that don’t fit the dominant mold of our resort economy. It’s increasingly clear that living and working in the Hamptons, and building a healthy middle-class, requires a new business ecosystem. This is one of the missions of The Spur.The Spur, a co-working space in Southampton Village, is working to bring together entrepreneurs, creatives, visionaries, techies, academics, and business leaders — across generations — to help curate and support the next wave of businesses needed for the East End to continue to thrive. Not only will this resurgence generate much-needed business diversity and opportunity, it will contribute to a more dynamic cultural experience as new businesses and their employees seek out more enriching and valuable year-round outlets, smoothing out the valleys of the off-season. This is another mission of The Spur.In addition to being a cool workplace, our space is used for art exhibits, business seminars, educational programs, music sessions, guest appearances, and even the occasional wine tasting. We don’t only provide space for entrepreneurs to run their businesses, we roll up our sleeves and help them gain the tools and knowledge they need to achieve success. The Spur facilitates engagement between business leaders and others in ways that are not possible at the library, a coffee shop, or even traditional offices. Like the Hamptons, work is changing, and we’re at the forefront of that change. We’ll also highlight some of that programming in this space so you can be part of this transformation.One example is our Riptide “Sink Or Swim” contest. Modeled after the popular “Shark Tank” show, we’re giving local entrepreneurs a chance to win up to $50,000 to fund their start-up business. About 20 businesses have entered. Our “sharks” will decide who has the best idea on November 10 at the Southampton Arts Center. Don’t miss that or this column, where we will continue to offer insight into ways we think we can create business opportunities and economic independence for a new generation of South Fork and North Fork residents. In a way, that’s not much different than what bonackers, baymen, and farmers did generations ago. Hope you join us on the journey.Ashley John Heather is the founder of The Spur in Southampton. The Spur is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Its mission is to bring together the creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs across the Hamptons. By providing a central hub to work (and play), The Spur will provide all the essential resources to help you grow your ideas and businesses. Learn more at Sharelast_img read more

ESAB introduces a low hydrogen flux

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Bonanza for lawyers – it’s all in the angle

first_imgI came across an article on the Telegraph website the other day which is almost certain to outrage hardworking lawyers – but hey, I’ll force it upon you anyway because once we get over the annoyance, there’s a lot to be learnt from it.The article was about the latest employment tribunal statistics which show a large rise in the number of people making claims. How would you imagine such a story would be written? Well, a simple, factual approach might be something like: There has been an increase in the number of employment tribunal claims …. That’s the sort of dry approach taken by the Employment Tribunal Service itself in its press release. It’s a bit boring though. How could it be spiced up? Here’s how the Telegraph approached it: Rocketing employment tribunal numbers prove a windfall for lawyers but bad news for employers who feel compelled to settle out of court whatever the merits of the claim. Nick Kehoe is a former television and newspaper journalist. He is now managing director at law marketing firm Media Coverage Another line says: ‘Claimants are said to be opting for legal representation to improve their chances of winning bigger awards …’. The implication being that there’s something unfair about hiring a lawyer to protect your interests. The article continues in that vein of the poor oppressed employer, greedy worker and even greedier lawyers who are ‘benefiting from a big increase in business’. Now I’m sure that being presented as fat cat lawyers boosting their business through the misfortune of others will be quite irritating to most solicitors. If you have seen business diminish over the last few years, maybe seen colleagues lose their jobs or even seen law firms close down, then it’s going to be galling to be presented as if you’re raking it in from dodgy employment claims. But let’s leave the annoyance aside for a moment and see if there’s anything we can learn from this. It’s not for me to speculate about the Telegraph’s agenda but clearly they didn’t think the bare facts of the story were sufficient to grab the reader’s attention. Their response, as will always be the case with the media, was to find an angle that would appeal. In this case, they focused on bonanza time for lawyers. On another day or if another one of their staff had written the story, they might have concentrated more on the claimants themselves – along the lines of whether they are playing the system with bogus claims. They could find any one of a dozen different angles but they will all have one thing in common – they will try to inspire an emotional reaction. It could be anything from anger to aspiration but it will always be there because emotion engages people and makes them want to read on. Could you as lawyers do the same when writing blog posts or website articles to market your firm? Why shouldn’t you? Just as the devil shouldn’t have all the best tunes, neither should the media have all the best angles. Let me say straightaway that I am not advocating any distortion or twisting of the facts here. I’m just pointing out that in most major legal developments there are numerous themes to be explored. It makes sense that you should concentrate on the theme that matters most to you and reflects the legal services you offer. For example, if you are an employment lawyer who specialises in representing claimants then the tribunal statistics offer you a good marketing opportunity. Your angle might be along the lines of: ‘More and more people are seeking legal advice when threatened with redundancy or unfair treatment at work’. This puts the concept of seeking legal advice in people’s minds. It offers them the comfort of knowing that lots of others are consulting solicitors so why shouldn’t they? Your article could go on to quote the figures and then discuss the benefits of consulting a specialist solicitor when faced with a problem at work. A solicitor will increase their chances of getting a better settlement – and so on. The emotions being aroused include reassurance that approaching a solicitor is the right thing to do and the aspiration that getting legal advice means a better pay-out. Of course, if you specialise in representing employers then you will need to take a different angle and inspire different emotions. Fear, I suppose, is the obvious choice. You could try something like: ‘Employers need to protect themselves against the increasing threat of costly tribunal claims.’ This time, instead of the employee’s aspiration to win a big settlement, you evoke the employer’s dread of having to pay out money he can scarcely afford at a time when his business may already be struggling. You can explain how you can help him put employment policies in place to reduce the risk of costly claims. Whatever angle you take, the facts remain the same and they aren’t distorted in any way. They’re just approached from different points of view depending on the kind of client you are targeting. This approach can be applied to any article and make your writing much more effective when marketing your legal services. center_img Visit the Gazette’s blogs page for more In Business blogs Bonanza for lawyers in tribunal cases last_img read more

Knowing the form

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Firm fails to strike out ‘dishonesty’ and ‘deceit’ claim

first_imgA Surrey firm has failed to persuade a High Court judge to have allegations involving dishonesty and deceit struck out before trial. In Barrowfen Properties Ltd v Patel & Ors Mr Justice Birss acknowledged that allegations against corporate firm Stevens & Bolton were ‘very grave’ but said they should be tested in court.The action is one of a number of claims brought in different jurisdictions between members of a wealthy family which holds a network of companies around the world. The first defendant, Girish Patel, is a member of the family and former director of the claimant company Barrowfen, for which Stevens & Bolton acted at one time. It is claimed that the firm breached its fiduciary duties and/or duties of care by acting at the same time for the company and for Patel, despite knowing there was a conflict of interest. The matter is due to go to trial next year.Barrowfen claims losses adding up to more than £400,000 on the grounds of dishonest assistance, deceit and unlawful means conspiracy. The firm applied to strike out the claim, stating that the claimant had changed their case a number of times and in significant ways. It said on the dates specified it had ceased to act and so owed no duty to Barrowfen. Important aspects of the claimant’s case were not pleaded, including the alleged conspiracy around Barrowfen being placed into administration.The judge agreed that aspects of the case had not been pleaded, but said they were not the core of the issue. He added: ‘Stevens & Bolton did owe a duty to Barrowfen at the relevant time, that duty being the duty everyone owes everyone else not to practice deceit.’He noted: ‘Legal representatives are often put in a difficult position when asked direct questions by their client’s rivals, as this case demonstrates. This is not the trial and all I am concerned with is whether the claimant’s case is sufficient to go to trial.’ The application to strike out was dismissed.last_img read more

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines review

first_imgCredit: Warner BrosDC have really done well with their animated movies lately, giving a lot of their roster of characters a great platform to really bring some memorable stories to life for the home entertainment market. These films might not have the marketing budgets of their live-action comic counterparts but there’s plenty to recommend here. Taking a chance on one of these adventures, especially if you want to know more about what makes these characters tick, will reward you and your family with an action-packed and edge of your seat experience. Using the New 52 continuity for most of their animated output, this DC Universe thankfully has more clarity and common ground for fans of the characters compared with the live action DC slate. That gives Wonder Woman some space to breathe, which cultivates a great series of action set-pieces that showcase not only her talents as a fierce warrior, but also her compassionate, diplomatic side.Retreading familiar ground to some degree, this new movie features Diana’s origin again, but set in modern times (instead of WW2). After she saves Air Force captain Steve Trevor from an attack above her homeland, Diana starts an epic journey of discovery as she accompanies him back to his world after being shunned by her mother. 5 years pass and in that time, Diana takes on the responsibility of saving the world under the identity of ‘Wonder Woman’. When a colleague’s daughter starts working for a nefarious organisation, Diana investigates and soon finds herself confronted by some of her most deadly enemies as they look to attack Themyscira, the paradise she once called home.The film is blessed with the vocal talents of Rosario Dawson, who once again reprises her role as Diana aka Wonder Woman. Having held the role for a few years now, Dawson has a nice familiarity with the role now and is at ease with everything thrown at her. This is a movie that has a lot of moving parts, and Dawson adapts well to the emotional demands of the story – especially when she evaluates her role in the new world that she is now a part of. She also does a great job with the incidental sounds of Diana, conveying emotional attachment to her be it in the midst of battle or quieter dialogue exchanges.The supporting talent roster all does well too, with Marie Avgeropoulos sharing a great chemistry with Dawson as Vanessa Kapatelis aka Silver Swan. Marie Avgeropoulos is solid as Steve Trevor. Kimberly Brooks lends her vocal talents to two massive Wonder Woman legends in Cheetah and Giganta. Courtenay Taylor adds a nice air of mystery as Dr. Poison and Cree Summer doubles up nicely as Hippolyta and Medusa.Credit: Warner BrosOf course, the action is a large part to why these DC animated movies work so uniformly well with audiences around the world, and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines relishes the opportunity. Bloodlines has some great set-pieces that really deliver the wow factor for DC’s most prominent female character and it’s so awesome to see her finally get her dues. Highlights include some bruising encounters from the likes of Giganta, Cheetah and Medusa. The live action version with Gal Gadot has helped to some degree, but it’s awesome to see a new generation of fans get a well-made, action-heavy animated adventure with someone other than Batman or Superman at the helm.There’s a slight lull just before the final act ramps up the conflict, but on the whole Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is a fine addition to the DC animated slate, and one that finally gives Wonder Woman her fair dues on a big scale. I hope Rosario Dawson stays with these movies going forward because she is fast becoming a stalwart for the superhero, much like Gal Gadot does for the live-action iteration. This is surely Wonder Woman’s time to shine now – to be the natural front-facing hero that DC needs and that audiences around the world wants.Cast: Rosario Dawson, Marie Avgeropoulos, Marie Avgeropoulos, Kimberly Brooks, Courtenay Taylor, Cree Summer Director: Justin Copeland, Sam Liu Writer: Mairghread Scott Certificate: 12 Duration: 83mins Released by: Warner Bros Release date: 21st October 2019last_img read more


first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInHousebreaking – DalbeattiePolice Scotland officers in Dalbeattie are investigating a break in to a house in Park Terrace in the town which happened sometime between 1910 hours and 2030 hours on Friday 12 December 2015. The break-in happened while the occupants were out. A large quantity of jewellery including Pandora jewellery, watches and necklaces were stolen in the raid along with a quantity of cash.Constable Patrick Coupar at Dalbeattie said “we are interested in tracing the following two described men who were seen in the town on Friday evening. The men are described as wearing dark coloured clothing with dirty/unkempt appearance and having stubble. One of the men is described as being about 5’8″/5’10” tall and the other was shorter and appeared to have a limp. We are also keen on tracing a small white coloured van which was seen turning from the Doctors Road into Maxwell Street at around 1915 hours that night. Anyone who has any information which might help catch those responsible is asked to call us on 101.Break-in – ThornhillSometime between 1500 hours and 1920 hours on Friday 11 December 2015 a house in Queensberry Beeches, Thornhill, was broken into whilst the occupants were out. Nothing appears to have been stolen in the break-in.Constable Terry Pool of Police Scotland said “again we appear to have a break-in when the occupants were out. We are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the town on Friday and ask that they get in touch through 101.last_img read more

China-Africa Environmental Cooperation Centre launched in Nairobi

first_imgChina-Africa Development Fund opens office in Nairobi Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Sun Baohong is joined by Joyce Msuya, the UNEP Deputy Director at the launch of the Center in Nairobi.China’s ministry of ecology and environment in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) on Friday launched the China-Africa Environmental Cooperation Centre in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.The center is part of a strategic partnership between the Asian country and the UN agency aimed at building capacity in developing countries in their efforts to address environmental issues.The center also aims to provide support to African nations in their struggle to sustainably develop their economies and increase awareness of environmental challenges.Already, China and UNEP have successfully implemented 18 projects. The Asian country has also committed $6 million for the 2016-2018 period to support projects on ecosystems and bio-diversity, pollution, as well as chemicals-related multilateral environmental agreements.While speaking at the launch of the center in Nairobi, the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya urged for closer cooperation between her country and Africa.“I believe that between China and Africa it should be two way communication on ecological cooperation,” she said. “China will implement a number of free energy development projects across the continent.” Related Talk Africa: China-Africa cooperation on poverty Senegalese President Macky Sall praises China-Africa cooperationlast_img read more

UWI appealing for funds as government contributions dip

first_img Share 59 Views   no discussions EducationNewsRegionalTertiary UWI appealing for funds as government contributions dip by: Caribbean 360 – May 30, 2016 Share Sharecenter_img Tweet UWI VICE CHANCELLOR PROFESSOR SIR HILARY BECKLES SAYS THAT ALTHOUGH REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS HAVE PLAYED THEIR PART IN EMPOWERING THE INSTITUTION OVER THE YEARS, MANY ARE NOW URGING THE UNIVERSITY TO REDUCE ITS DEPENDENCE ON THE PUBLIC PURSE.BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday May 30, 2016 (Caribbean 360) – The University of the West Indies (UWI) has launched an appeal for financial support from alumni, friends and donor agencies, as well as the private and public sectors across the region.Scheduled to run from August 1 to 7 under the theme “Emancipate, Educate, Donate”, the UWI Global Giving Week marks the beginning of a tradition that will see graduates making an annual contribution to their alma mater, according to the university.At the launch, Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, said that although regional governments have played their part in empowering the institution over the years, many are now urging the university to reduce its dependence on the public purse.The university’s finance committee shows that the contribution from regional governments has dropped significantly from 80 percent of the total operational budget 15 to 20 years ago, to 45 percent today, Sir Hilary disclosed.He added that there has not been a systematic approach “to reach out to those we have created and those who we have empowered and those who have done very well in this region and in the world beyond.“This giving week, then, is an attempt to say to our graduates all over the region and the world, to friends of higher education, to friends of the cause of research, public policy formulation, promotion of entrepreneurship, all of those who do believe not only in the empowerment of young people through education, but those who are committed to the further development of this region, to come to the aid of your university at this stage,” he said.Speaking in support of the campaign, former Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who is also a former UWI student and lecturer, said that investment in the university is needed now more than at any other time in the Caribbean’s history.“We are about to live in a new global society, a new global economy where conventional factors of material production, land, labour, capital are yielding to the new imperative of technology, knowledge and entrepreneurship.“The new economy, the new society, will be a learning society and it behoves us to be able to act today to make sure that our university and our society cease to function in the 20th century and come fully into the new society that is to be the 21st. The governments alone cannot do it,” Arthur said.The former prime minister cautioned that the Caribbean is destined to fail in the absence of determination and resolve to convert the region into a new learning society and economy. Sharing is caring!last_img read more